Open shock data “Cluster Suvarnabhumi” airport employees are already infected with 105 COVIDs

New shock “Cluster Suvarnabhumi” found employees in the airport next toCOVIDAnd 105 cases, desk announcement today (16 May ’21)

(15 May 64) from the report of the Situation Management CenterCOVID-19 (FBC) found that there are officers and employees of private companies in the Suvarnabhumi Airport area. Both private and public companies, including 5 sub clusters More than 105 people were infected from April 5 to May 14.

  • Cluster of Thai Airways International (THAI) between 28 April – 14 May, 9 cases
  • A cluster of 47 private companies between 5 April 10 – present 47
  • Cluster of private companies between April 26 and the present number of 3 cases
  • Transportation Service Cluster between 27 Apr-7 May, 34 cases
  • ClusterPost office Between April 23 – May 5, 12 cases

By today (16 May ’16) Facebook page Suvarnabhumi Airport Informed that at 2:00 pm there will be a announcementnews Subject “Measures to prevent the epidemic of COVID-19 at Suvarnabhumi Airport” by Gen. Preecha Benjakhan, Commander of the Airport Security Emergency Response Center and Lt. Sutirawat T.Suwanwat, Director of Suvarnabhumi Airport at the front of the CIP Room, 3rd floor.


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