Open technology, a challenge for companies

Today 2,700 people will attend the Red Hat Forum in Madrid. Red Hat employees, partners and customers, who go from Banco Santander to the Community Board of Castilla-La Mancha can enjoy the most innovative technology talks in the world. Recalling that Red Hat was acquired a year ago by IBM for the amount of 34,000 million dollars, according to Julia Bernal, responsible in Portugal and Spain, the open software company continues to maintain its independence from the multinational that respects the values ​​of open organization They have made the brand great.

During the congress, both partners and Red Hat have talked about the digital transformation that Spanish companies are suffering, and how they are facing a paradigm shift in the use of technology. It evolves so fast today that, in the words of Werner Knoblich vice president of Red Hat, we can no longer talk about competition, but about collaboration between technology companies, as an example we have the conquest of space, that when in the 60s all powers and space agencies competed with each other, now we can talk about a wide collaboration to build space vehicles with components from different countries. No one alone can face the coming changes. Now the technology companies work together, and a clear example of them is the hybrid cloud that Red Hat leads, that cloud in which the software of the companies is stored and executed are no longer only from a supplier, but from multiple ones, such as Amazon Web Services, Azure or Google Cloud.

The role that open source plays in digital transformation is clear, with Linux being the number one operating system on servers worldwide, beating Microsoft last year. All Red Hat customers agreed on two points in favor and two against the use of free software. The costs are clearly in favor, much tighter than with the proprietary software, and it is the free software communities that are producing the innovation, against the fears that the open source software generates, since it is a third party that He has developed it, and also the danger of integrating different systems and languages ​​in the same company, due to the complexities that this can generate. But in the words of Joaquín Moraga, architecture director of Santander Bank; «The current plans do not have a horizon of 5 years, but of 3 months, and that means having to open up to the community, and adapt to that new reality, in addition you have to do it without sticking to a specific technology but mixing them», it is To say, to do what a few years ago was said not to be done.

Public administrations, such as Castilla-La Mancha, have also benefited from having access to world-class technology with a tight budget thanks to Red Hat and open source. Juan Perdo de Ruz Ortega, head of the technology area of ​​the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha, explained how thanks to digitalization processes, such as electronic signature, documentation or electronic consultations, in 2019 the Board avoided using 3 , 5 million sheets of paper, saving 421 trees. It is quite evident that the sector that is most affected by the digital transformation is the financial sector, although Julia Bernal said that the public sector is seeing the awakening of an interest in the technologies provided by Red Hat.

Red Hat’s digital transformation process is based on three pillars, the use of open technologies, support in adoption processes, and something that is often left aside, the human side of technology, incorporating the values ​​of an organization open Cultural change is part of the process of adopting open technology, which Julia Bernal affirmed, involves betting on the winning horse when we combine both, digital transformation with cultural transformation. Finally, we cannot forget the 25 students of the school of Paracuellos del Jarama who have attended the event to a workshop of first contact with technology, thanks to the Red Hat “STEM” program to close the gap in the races Technological between men and women. .

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