Open the graph of “Covid, Bangkok.” The last 14 days, which district has not found patients anymore, check here!

“Pongsakorn”, spokesman for Bangkok. Opened the graph of “Covid, Bangkok” in the last 14 days, ready to update patients in 50 districts. Which areas have not found patients anymore, check here!

On September 28, Pol.Lt. Col. Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) spokesman, posted on Facebook that As we help each other to comply with preventive measuresCovid-19 strictly and the number of people who receivedVaccines against COVID-19 increase, make Bangkok has confirmed cases of COVID-19 decrease each day and patients who are hospitalized Hospital Field Hospital and Waiting Center There has been a continuous decline in numbers.

to control the spread not to spread further We still have to strictly follow the measures. The situation will be back to normal soon.

Update on the number of people infected with COVID-19 Each district in Bangkok (28 September 2021) has1,557 confirmed cases in Bangkok The patient is currently being treated in the hospital. Hospital Field Hospital and Waiting Center of Bangkok, a total of 2,164 cases

quantityThe most diagnosed cases of COVID-19 were in Minburi (126 cases). Prawet (78 cases) and Suan Luang district (78 cases), with 49 cases still found in the following areas:

▫️ South Bangkok, a total of 10 districts, with 205 patients

open graph

▫️ North Krungthonburi, a total of 8 districts, with 117 patients

open graph

▫️ North Bangkok, a total of 7 districts, with 117 patients

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▫️ Eastern Bangkok Area, 9 people, 317 people

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▫️ Central Bangkok District, 9 districts, 60 people

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▫️ Krungthontai District Group, a total of 7 districts, 87 people

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For the area that has not found infected people is Phayathai District.

BMA has organized a treatment system that patients can be treated safely at home (HI) and patients who cannot be treated separately at home There is a waiting center (CI) to be able to rest. and increase the potential of hospitals to be ready to fully support critically ill patients

In addition to organizing the treatment system, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has controlled the spread of the disease. by organizing a team to prevent and solve the problem of COVID-19 proactively, CCRT into the community, continuously screening and searching for more than 4,000 patients, and setting up screening points for patients in district groups, as well as expediting the distribution of vaccines through Proactive vaccination points to communities both Thai vaccination centers and the Mobile Vaccination Unit (BMV).

“Even though the epidemic situation is now declining, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is still accelerating the distribution of vaccines so that people in Bangkok can get the most complete vaccination according to the criteria. and continually control the outbreak So that we can all live normally as soon as possible,” said a spokesman for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

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