Open the warp ‘Nong JJ’ shows so good that he wants to be a child in ‘May-December, true love is born first’

Sunday, September 26, 2021, 6:00 a.m.

Being talked about around the world online now for “Nong JJ” or “Nong Ryuuji” with the first drama in life with “May-December True love is born first” of the organizer-director. “Donut-Manasan” who released the punch in the drama scene, tears flooded the screen with a large actor like “Pe Jeab – Kanchanaphon” plays well, hits the script, is too good for children until she likes her brothers. The fans who were hit by this little boy were lined up with a wicked charming smile with sly eyes.

With this overwhelming trend, Nong Ryu also said thank you to the fans of the club, saying, “I thank you very much for loving me and my friends. And I’m very shy. Next time, there will be another highlight scene of me. I want you to follow me too. In May-December, true love is born first.” Yes.

On the mother’s side, “Khun Worapa Sirirak” also opened up about her son’s trend here at first. “I really have to thank all my fans, who like the younger sister and love her younger sister. My mother doesn’t even use Twitter. But there will be a friend and mother send it to see that there are a lot of people who love the younger sister. She was embarrassed, and her mother was embarrassed too. Also, I have to thank the organizer-director, P’ Donut, who wrote the script for him so well that there are many fans who like him so much. At first, the younger role wasn’t that big. But he wrote more for Nong Don, he really liked Ryuuji very much, like the last scene where he had to cry. Mom was also surprised, didn’t think that the younger sister would be able to play out like this. Because personally, the younger one is a cheerful child, when the crying scene, the mother sings as well, thanks to all the brothers who sent a lot of emotions to the younger, however, the mother would like to leave the younger brother with the drama. May-December true love is born first Now there’s a story Come, my dear, too.”

The mother also opened up about taking care of her children, saying, “Personally, my mother takes care of her children comfortably, allowing them to play according to their age and enjoy what they like. Don’t let your child work too hard. Because the younger has to study online too, the mother is afraid that it will affect the study too much. But I didn’t let my younger brother play at his leisure and let him do whatever he wanted. The mother will tell the younger siblings to respect the elders. Must have manners with everyone. Will be fond of the show, mother will have to help the younger in reading some scripts. Mother will support beside So does your father.”

influence on the heart A fan like this, how is the real of you? Let’s get to know each other together!

Ryuuji’s real name is Natchawakon Sirirak, born on November 12, 2014, 6 years old, has a sister, 4 years old. Currently, Ryuuji is studying in primary school. Mosaic School, Chonburi Province And began to step into the entertainment industry with a cute aura that touches the eyes with modeling advertisements causing continuous works Until he stepped into the first performance such as May-December, true love is born first. It’s really fitting the name. with a landslide response in cuteness

Habits and leisure lifestyle of the younger brother likes Lego. Make toys from cardboard boxes and likes to watch cartoons in his heart like Demon Slayer Sword Tanjiro the most and Ultraman also likes to go to the temple to make merit. Any brothers who want to follow the younger brother wait a few more moments because they secretly spoil that they are planning to open a YouTube channel. It’s your own with your sister as well.

Any fans who have fallen until they can’t withdraw, will not be disappointed for sure with this little boy named “Ryuuji” because he is currently working on a second project with Channel 3 and “Dear Mami” while waiting. new drama Let’s follow to see the cuteness of the younger brother first in “May-December, true love is born first” every Wednesday-Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 3, press 33, and anyone who wants to eat cuteness off-screen can follow each other on the way. Facebook:NachawakornSirirak and IG:ryuji_nachawakorn


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