opening an investigation into possible negligence

Diego Maradona’s death will be the subject of an Argentine police investigation to decide whether it was a case of medical negligence.

Neighborhood security camera recordings have been requested by three prosecutors working on the case. Maradona died on Wednesday from “acute pulmonary edema and chronic heart failure”, according to a preliminary autopsy report, while resting at his home in Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

His lawyer, Marias Morla, had previously called for an investigation after calling “Criminal idiocy” the fact that it took the paramedics more than 30 minutes to get to Maradona’s residence.

The Buenos Aires prosecutor’s office has opened a case entitled “Maradona, Diego. Determination of the cause of death ‘.

“The case was opened because it concerns a person who died at home and no one has signed their death certificate. This does not mean that there are suspicions or irregularities ”, said a judicial source, asking to remain anonymous.

The 60-year-old Argentine football legend was receiving 24-hour medical care at a house in a gated community where he was recovering from surgery to remove a clot from his brain in early November.

“You have to see if they did what they were supposed to do or if they relaxed”the family member told AFP.

“The nurse made a statement when the prosecutor appeared on the day Diego died, then expanded her statement and finally went on television to say that what she said was forced upon her, there is therefore a contradiction in his statement “, he added.

The prosecution is awaiting the results of toxicological tests on Maradona’s body. The three prosecutors working on the case have requested the star’s medical records.

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