Opening of a new Forest restaurant in Yekaterinburg by Resta Management: an interview with restaurateur Oleg Fleganov |

– If you are offered to buy any restaurant in Yekaterinburg, what will it be?

– Of course, we have good projects in the city: Remennik – Kuzyakin, Shlaen, and not only them. It is interesting to work in such a competitive field. But we adhere to the strategy of developing new interesting establishments, new formats ourselves. Well, you need to understand that no one is in a hurry to part with successful projects even in a period of any economic turbulence.

– Now there are large investors who invest a lot of money in restaurants, building new residential complexes. For example, a restaurant cluster in the Makarov quarter from UMMC-Builder. Why do they do it?

“Most of the time, I think companies of this stature do it to support residential projects that they build and sell themselves. Catering is a complex business, but it satisfies basic human needs. And in terms of diversification for investors, restaurants in our city are very attractive.

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