OpenLux opens the Luxembourg vault

The Grand Duchy attracts multinationals and wealthy foreigners thanks to its opaque corporate structures and ultra-favorable tax rates. And it remains a tax haven, as shown by the millions of documents scrutinized by sixteen media from several countries.

They are sixteen newspapers, of which The world in France, The evening in Belgium, the Southgerman newspaper in Germany, to have investigated the hidden face of Luxembourg from a shared database on tax haven. The title of the Southgerman newspaper summarizes the OpenLux survey: “Small country, big money”.

“Almost 4 million documents linked to Luxembourg companies” lift the veil on the rich duchy that counts “A company for 4.3 inhabitants”, highlighted The evening. “In almost one in two cases, it is not possible to find the real owners” of the 140,164 active companies registered in Luxembourg as of December 31, 2020. They are all registered in the register of beneficial owners (RBE), access to which was made public in 2019 by Luxembourg in order to deal with recurring criticism of the black box of investments in the kingdom, deemed to be a tax haven.

OpenLux allows you to cross “Prominent athletes, artists, billionaires, relatives of foreign politicians, people suspected of criminal activity”, continues the Belgian daily. But


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