Ophthalmologists have debunked five of the most common vision myths

Ophthalmologists Dr. Rani Banik and optometrist Jennifer Tsai debunked the most common vision myths in a Science Insider video.

The most common thing Dr. Tsai says she hears from patients is the belief that vision deteriorates with age. In fact, experts say, the main physiological change that occurs in a person in the mature years of life is the thickening of the lens.

Moreover, the shape of the eye itself can change. The eyeball can become more flattened, which leads to farsightedness, and sometimes, on the contrary, it becomes more elongated, as a result of which people are sometimes diagnosed with myopia.

The second well-known myth is related to color blindness. Many people think that color blind people see the world in black and white, but in fact they can see other colors, but their light perception is different from most people. Ophthalmologists have indicated that, on average, about 8% of the population has some degree of color blindness.

Another well-known misconception that experts have identified is the benefits of eye exercises. They may relieve some tension, but they cannot improve vision.

“Your eye has a certain unique structure. Eye exercises, unfortunately, will not be able to change this, ”said Dr. Banik.

Doctors noted that only in some forms strabismuscertain exercises can help.

The video also disproved the myth that glasses or contact lenses can ruin vision. The blurred image that we see when we put on glasses is associated with a change in the shape of the eyeball and adaptation of the body, which, due to various factors, can occur at different speeds.

“A good analogy I give my clients is crutches. If you broke your knee, then crutches can help you move around, but they won’t interfere in any way, ”said the ophthalmologist.

Finally, Dr. Tsai and Banik complained that many people are afraid of losing a contact lens in their eye. However, there is a natural barrier in the eyeball – the conjunctiva, which prevents foreign objects from getting there.

Eye to eye – 30 photos:

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