Opposition – The RMDM calls for the resignation of the President

The resolution resulting from the two-day meeting of the opposition platform RMDM was cash. From the outset, she calls for the resignation of the Head of State and a change of Constitution.

A requirement. This is what the opposition platform RMDM inscribed on the front line of the sixteen points of the resolution of its two days of conference. (…) The resignation of the President of the Republic is demanded, chanted the speaker who read the resolution adopted on Saturday, at the By-pass.

The demand for the resignation of the Head of State was greeted with jubilation by the audience. The reasons put forward to justify this demand are the repeated violations of the Constitution and the failure to respect the oath he has taken to respect and protect the Constitution and the laws in force ”. The opposition platform maintains that the resignation of the President would be a guarantee of the rule of law.

In addition to the withdrawal of power from the President of the Republic, the RMDM also demands the abrogation of the Constitution and the consultation of all stakeholders for a new Constitution with a view to the advent of the Fifth Republic. To this is added a request for the resignation of the members of the High Constitutional Court (HCC). The latter will thus be replaced by magistrates elected by their peers.


During its two days of conference, the speakers of the RMDM worked to pound the governance of those in power. Marc Ravalomanana, president of the RMDM, gave himself to their heart’s content, arguing, in particular, that the main reason for the stagnation in which the country is stuck is the incompetence of the leaders.

To political demands, the RMDM then adds socio-economic desiderata to the resolution of its meeting. There is, for example, the prioritization of the social safety net in these times of crisis, or even the increase in energy production by focusing on renewable energy. The opposition platform also recommends support for the agricultural sector. Education reform, construction of new school infrastructure and teacher training.

The resolution of the RMDM also speaks of improving the health sector by providing equipment to all health workers and health centers, in particular, to fight against epidemics. Everything they put forward, appears in the state policy that we are already implementing in all the districts, defends, however, Hery Rasoamaromaka, governor of Analamanga.

Going to the net, the boss of the Analamanga region adds, certainly there are social difficulties, due to the crisis, but the state is constantly looking for solutions. The power is listening to the population, contrary to what some say. On the demand for the resignation of the Head of State, or even for a change of Constitution, Governor Rasoamaromaka questions the quality and legitimacy of the members of the RMDM.

What legitimacy do they have to make such demands? The President of the Republic was democratically elected. If they want to regain power, let them do it through the ballot box, argues the member of the political bureau of the party Tanora Malagasy vonona (TGV).

During the two days of the RMDM conference, Marc Ravalomanana insisted that he has a solution to send the country into the orbit of development. It is not for nothing that he was disowned by the population. Now that he is not in power, he claims to have solutions. This is why I always say, work well, work hard for the country as long as we are in power so as not to have any regrets, since it is difficult to return to it, retorts Hery Rasoamaromaka.

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