Opposition tries to find agreements not to favor Chile Let’s go in the election of constituents | National

FILE | Cristobal Escobar | UNO Agency


The opposition works against time to seek agreements between the different parties in the face of the choice of conventional constituents, before January 11, when the deadline to present candidates expires.

Among the points in common is the openness to unity and that this translates into two lists, a strategic decision taking into account that not all could enter one list and more than two could favor Chile Come on.

In the Broad Front, the Representatives of the Democratic Revolution Natalia Castillo and Catalina Pérez, this last president of the community, called the programmatic unit.

The above is well seen by the president of the Christian Democracy, Fuad Chahín, who precisely assures that unity is necessary, although he continues his criticism of the Communist Party.

In this regard, the deputy of the PC, Carmen Hertz, acknowledged that it is closer to the Broad Front than to a part of the DC.

For the director of the MORI study center, Marta Lagos, unity and the single list should be an obligation for the opposition, since in her opinion, only in this way can the opinion of those who participated in the plebiscite be represented in something.

However, sources consulted assure that if a formal and public unit were to be established, two lists would be presented: one with the PC and the Frente Amplio and another between the former Concertation with the PRO.

For now, yes, they are only speculations since in the Communist Party, for example, they put minimum common denominators as a condition to talk about an agreement.


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