Opposition women denounce arrest of Pastef activists

Dakar, Feb 28 (APS) – Women political leaders and members of the Senegalese opposition, denouncing “vigorously” in a joint statement the arrest of activists of the “Pastef-Les Patriotes” party, call “for serenity for stability and the tranquility “of Senegal.

“We, members of the platform of women political leaders and members of the Senegalese opposition, vigorously denounce the arbitrary arrest of our sisters affiliated with the cause of the PASTEF-Les Patriotes political party,” they write in this press release, a copy of which has been sent to APS.

They say they express their “unwavering support” for these Pastef activists and “firmly denounce any obstacle to freedom of expression and to individual and collective rights conferred by the Constitution of our country”.

These women leaders ask, in this capacity, the Minister of the Interior Antoine Diome to “proceed with the immediate and unconditional release” of Maimouna Dièye, president of the women of Pastef as well as her comrades.

These activists from the party of the opponent and deputy Ousmane Sonko had organized a rally to protest against the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of their leader.

The latter is targeted by accusations of “repeated rape” and “death threats” made on him by an employee of a massage and beauty salon.

The signatories of this joint communiqué, including several deputies and heads of citizen movements, invite “serenity for the stability and tranquility of our country”.

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