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Optical fiber: Altice arrives in Germany with a contract for one million plugs

by archyde

Posted on Nov 30, 2021, 6:21 PM

After France and Portugal, Altice will fiber part of Germany. Patrick Drahi’s group has just arrived in the country by winning its first contract across the Rhine. Geodesia, a new subsidiary (formerly Altice Technical Services) which brings together all its network deployment activities, will build by 2025 1 million optical fiber sockets on behalf of Deutsche Glasfaser, Deutsche Telekom’s main rival in the countryside and peri-urban areas.

For Altice, the interest is twofold. The group obtains an export outlet while the fiber optic project in France is drawing to a close. After 10 years of work and 20 billion euros of investments, two-thirds (64%) of French households are indeed eligible for fiber, according to Arcep, the telecoms regulator. Germany it starts from much further with only … 16% of households connected, according to the FTTH Council. It is therefore with the United Kingdom one of the two countries in Europe on which French fiber manufacturers are betting the most to promote their know-how.

650.000 clients

And the contract is far from trivial for Altice. No amount has been officially communicated, but according to our information, Deutsche Glasfaser will pay almost 1,500 euros per outlet built and activated by Altice, or a total of 1.5 billion euros at stake for the group. Then, Deutsche Glasfaser will only have to market its fiber offers. The operator created in 2011 already has 650,000 customers, individuals but also operators who are added to its network.

The German operator wants to go fast. After having deployed 1.2 million fiber optic outlets, Deutsche Glasfaser wants to eventually install 6 million outlets. Of which 4 million before 2025 – approximately 10% of German households. For this, the operator has joined forces with 28 partners. “Altice has a good track record in France and Portugal and large industrial capacities: in a context of scarcity of manpower, it is not negligible”, one says at the German operator.

Geodesia says it has installed 15 million outlets in five countries (France, Portugal, Israel, the United States and the Caribbean area), including 1.7 million in 2020 during the pandemic. In France, SFR is the operator that has deployed fiber the most behind Orange, with 13% of the total, according to Arcep. However, the regulator has just opened an investigation into the quality of its connections in France after receiving reports from the field indicating poor workmanship.

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