Optics: Krys launches lenses at a single price

Depending on the quality of the glasses and the different options chosen, the bill can quickly climb when you have to change your glasses. “However, we should not pay more to see better,” insists Bruno Censier, director of the Krys brand, who wants to “shake up the market”.

From this Thursday, the leader in optics, which has 903 stores in France, will offer a single price for its Signature Krys range, or 65 euros for a single vision lens and 200 euros for a progressive lens. “This is a high-end glass which will be HD, 100% UV and which will have a classic anti-reflective or anti-blue light”, he explains.

50% cheaper than the competition

Prices deemed “very competitive” by the brand which puts forward the figure of 150 euros on average among the competition for a single vision lens with “equivalent range, made in France”, and “nearly double” for the progressive “even if” it is difficult to compare since there is no similar offer ”, nuance Bruno Censier, who reminds that these glasses are manufactured at the site of Bazainville (Yvelines) of Krys group.

“We all sell the same way, from a catalog where the customer will choose entry-level, mid-range or high-end. However, 74% of our buyers do not understand anything about the glasses they choose. It is for this reason that we want to change the paradigm and stop making customers believe that the more they will go upmarket, the better they will see, ”he explains.

“An ultra-customizable offer”

But beyond the price, it is also a whole service that is offered to improve “visual comfort”: “we always have 8 to 10% of customers who come back to the store after a month after purchase. maladjustment, ”he announces.

To remedy this, the brand plans to check beforehand whether the “customer’s discomfort is in line with the prescription, to carry out visual capacity tests which will make it possible to better personalize the glass, and finally, to systematize the ″ visagisme ″ in order to know which is the most suitable frame, from an aesthetic point of view but also for visual comfort. Because the choice of frame is as important as the choice of lenses, ”he says.

This new offer will be rolled out “little by little” in the various stores: Krys being a cooperative, each member is free to offer it. Another clarification: “Our glasses are not referenced in the care network (Editor’s note: networks of health professionals developed by complementary health insurance for their policyholders) “, Warns Bruno Censier before insisting:” This is an offer out of the market, incomparable because ultra-customizable. “

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