optimistic Trump clan, Democrats seek parade

A “stillborn” impeachment trial: Donald Trump’s entourage was delighted Wednesday to see his chances of being acquitted in the Senate increased after a formal vote, which showed the reluctance of Republican senators to condemn him for “incitement to the insurrection “during the assault on the Capitol.

The risk for the Democrats, who absolutely need a two-thirds majority in the Senate to condemn it?

To see the billionaire once again showing off the headlines proclaiming him “acquitted”, as at the end of his first impeachment trial, in the Ukrainian case.

A prospect that motivated a senator on Wednesday to gather support in an attempt to avoid a trial, by voting instead on a motion of censure.

This parliamentary weapon, less powerful than an impeachment, would be tantamount to marking him with blame, and could attract more Republican support, many of whom were also deeply shocked by the violence of Donald Trump’s supporters in Congress on January 6, so even that they sat there.

On Tuesday, nearly all Republican senators, 45 out of 50, had backed an attempt to block the historic second impeachment trial of the 45th President of the United States.

However, the 100 senators will serve as jurors during this trial scheduled for February 9. And Democrats would need the rallying of 17 Republicans to condemn the ex-president.

“This stuff is stillborn,” said billionaire’s son Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter on Wednesday.

Without the same glee, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine nonetheless shared a similar diagnosis.

This vote “made it clear that we are far from getting the 67 votes” necessary to condemn him, the moderate told reporters. By explaining that he was working on the text of a motion of censure which could also obtain the support of Republicans and “potentially avoid the trial”.

“I think ‘Donald Trump’ needs to be held accountable and there are consequences, and I believe many Republicans” could support him, “Hillary Clinton’s former running mate continued in 2016.

Ten Republicans are expected to join the 50 Democrats to pass a motion. A possible prospect.

Even though Democrats have promised the trial will be faster than the first, which lasted 21 days in early 2020, it could monopolize the Senate Monday through Saturday to the detriment of the “top priority” of Joe Biden’s early term in office, he said. he stressed: adopt a gigantic aid plan to fight the pandemic and confirm the members of his cabinet.

– Republicans divided –

As early as Tuesday evening, the moderate Republican senator Susan Collins had made the same observation of failure announced: “Just do the math,” she said, deeming “extraordinarily unlikely” that the president will be condemned. “She is now a partner. at the initiative of Tim Kaine.

Donald Trump would be the first ex-president to fall under a motion of censure, which would not, however, prevent him from running for re-election in 2024.

Under the still immense influence of this extraordinary personality, Republicans appear divided: 56% say that Donald Trump should “probably or absolutely” run for a new term, while 36% believe that he should “probably or absolutely” not. do so, according to a Politico and Morning Consult poll.

Five Republicans voted Tuesday against the initiative of Senator Rand Paul, who tried to block the trial arguing that it would be unconstitutional to try a former president: Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse and Pat Toomey.

But several of the 50 Republicans who voted went on to point out that this in no way prejudged their position in the impeachment trial. Led by their leader, Mitch McConnell.

In a shattering rupture, this ex-ally of Trump had made it known that he did not rule out condemning him, the same day he was indicted in the House of Representatives, on January 13. He has since claimed that supporters of the real estate mogul have been “showered with lies” and “prompted” to launch their deadly assault by the president.

On Wednesday, this influential Senate veteran who carefully weighs his words let the threat hang:

“The trial has not yet started and I intend to take part and listen to the arguments.”


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