OR-BCP reduce the price of all kinds of oil 60 satang per liter except E85, reduce 40 satang tomorrow.

PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited or OR andBangchak Corporation Public Company Limited or BCP Reduce the retail price of all types of oil Gasoline and gasohol decreased by 60 satang per liter, except E85, reduced by 40 satang, while all types of diesel were reduced by 60 satang, effective from tomorrow (23 July) at 5:00 AM onwards.

As a result, the retail price of oil in Bangkok Excluding local maintenance tax tomorrow is as follows: PTT Station’s 95 octane gasoline is 36.56 baht per liter, 95 gasohol 29.15 baht per liter, 91 baht per liter of gasohol, 28.88 baht per liter, E20 liter. 27.64 baht per liter, E85 per liter 22.54 baht, B7 diesel 28.69 baht per liter, B10 25.69 baht per liter and B20 25.44 baht per liter.

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