or football is coming home

After the “roaring lion” made a great performance by defeating Germany’s “Iron Eagle”, who is a former three-time champion, went beautifully with a score of 2-0, prompting the media and British fans to start to look forward to their first Euro win, prompting the “Footballs coming home” trend. re-awakened after a two-decade hiatus.

The slogan “Footballs coming home” was introduced at Euro 1996 in England, with the host highlighting the origins of modern football that, according to historical evidence, first originated in England. So being a host is like welcoming “football” back to your hometown again.

which, with the British being away from success for a long time Having won only one major trophy, at the 1966 World Cup hosted by them, at Euro 1996 they were especially keen to see the “roaring lions” win for the first time in 30 years. did not reach the dream when losing on penalties “Iron Eagle” Germany in the semifinals The person who did not shoot England’s penalty at that time was Gareth Southgate, the current “roaring lion” coach.

Since then, England has won 5 Euros, 5 World Cups, 7 managers changed, but never once to break through the barrier to win the championship. The best is only to reach the quarter-finals. Until the switch to the service of the “inside” coach such as Gareth Southgate, the team’s performance was better than expected. by winning the 4th place in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

Coming to this “Euro 2020” battle, the England national team is still doing well. by winning the Group D In spite of being in the group with the vice-champion of the world team like Croatia, the Czech Republic team And the rival team like Scotland, with Gareth Southgate’s team winning over both Croatia and Czech, missed a draw with Scotland just one match before defeating Germany, as mentioned above, and made the “lions roar”. Become the only team in this tournament that hasn’t conceded a single goal.

for the next stage england national team There is a program to meet with the dark horse team Ukraine, which is compared to both the class name and the latter form. I must say that the “Three Lions” partisans are far superior. In addition, the statistics of the meeting of the two England have also lost to Ukraine only once in their last seven meetings.

and if the British managed to break through the Ukrainian border Their opponents in the semi-finals were the winners of the Czech Republic and Denmark, where Czech England had already won in the group stage, while their attacking Denmark had to admit that they had lost much of their performance after the qualifiers. The absence of Christian Eriksen, the team’s key figure in the field since the first match of the tournament. So there’s a high chance we’ll see the Lions roar in the finals.

If reaching the final Their opponent is probably hard work. Because there are famous teams such as Belgium, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. That has created a surprise knockout of the world champion like France. However, anything can happen in a single football match. The more tactics of Southgate focus on the results of the match rather than entertaining the fans. including the final will be played at Wembley Stadium home of the team There is a double advantage from the cheers. So there is a small chance that the dream of an English football fan will come true. After waiting for success for 55 years


The eight teams that have qualified for the quarter-finals of Euro 2020 are Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine.
2 Jul. 20

  • 23.00 Switzerland meets Spain at St. Petersburg Stadium, Russia
  • 2 a.m. Belgium meets Italy at the Arena, Munich, Germany.

3 Jul. ’19

  • 23.00 Czech Republic meets Denmark at Baku Olympic Stadium, Azerbaijan.
  • 02.00 Ukraine meets England at the Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy.

Story by Colly | Photo by Nation TV


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