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The AI-powered platform automate campaign setup at all points of contact. Oracle Fusion Marketing automates lead generation.

Oracle has announced its AI-powered marketing automation solution called Fusion Marketing. It is available as part of Oracle Advertising y CX. Fusion Marketing helps specialists automate lead generation and qualification from start to finish.

«CRM has become en the system marketers and marketers alike love to hate. This is usually due to disconnected workflows or excessive manual administration. In addition, also the siled data often prevent that the marketing and sales teams work with each other to attract customers and generate income. This was explained by Oracle in a statement.

By addressing these obstacles in conventional marketing, Fusion Marketing helps brands create campaigns with consistent messaging across all customer touch points.

Oracle Fusion Marketing automates lead generation

The platform guides specialists throughout the campaign creation and execution process. It helps companies generate specific audience profiles, identify relevant customer referrals, plan advertising budgets, and more. An integrated dashboard allows marketers to view campaign performance in real time.

But this is not all. After launching an ad campaign, Oracle Fusion Marketing automatically generates and qualifies leads.

In addition to directing customers to an auto-generated landing page, each campaign includes customer references tailored to the industry and customer interests. Fusion Marketing also allows companies track engagement across multiple campaign channels, including emails, online advertisements, and visits to microsites.

The platform uses AI to analyze leads at the account level. It also predicts when consumers are ready to talk to the salesperson and generate a qualified lead within any CRM system.

«It is time for our industry think differently about marketing and sales automation. With this we can transform the CRM into a system that really works for both the marketer and the vendor ». This was said by Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and manager, Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience.

«This is not a forecast and summary or a reporting tool to see how the sales force is performing. Is about turn CRM into a system that helps salespeople sell. A big part of this change is unite marketing and sales teams and eliminate time-consuming, low-value tasks and they distract from building customer relationships and closing deals. This is why we have spent so much time engineering a system that will help marketers fully automate the generation and qualification of leads and obtain highly qualified leads for the sales team in a faster way.

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