Oral Sex Offensive Birds, Make Couples Addictive

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VIVASeks oral is a very fun way to get started foreplay. But if you are bored with the same classic position, there is a new way to heat the bed.

Daily Star Online in collaboration with the palar in Ann Summers to reveal different sex steps – and it’s perfect for oral sex lovers. In fact, it might be able to give a new sensation for you and your partner.

Hummingbird is a technique that can be done perfectly for men or women. Of course it depends on what type of role you take during lovemaking.

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So are you ready to try this sex position?

Quoted from page Daily Star, with this position, the “giver” can please his partner. While the “recipient” retains the dominant role that makes him the master of the bed.

The attitude of “giver” is done with poses such as crawling and dealing with intimate partner organs. The “receiver” stands up while holding the couple’s head gently.

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And the best thing about this style is that you can control the depth and speed of the oral. If you want to increase the speed or level of enjoyment in bed, extra lubricant can be an option.

“Oral sex is not just a warm-up that you need to go through before reaching the main menu. Actually, oral can be a real highlight of the love session. Sometimes it’s so good that all you need is oral,” said a spokesman Ann Summers.

“The Hummingbird is a position that gives full pleasure when putting the receiver in full control. With your partner kneeling, you will have control over the depth and speed of penetration, making it the perfect oral position for any couple who wants to try BDSM as a start,” he said . (day)



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