Orange will finally launch its 5G network “within a few weeks”, its boss has come a little too far

Orange will finally launch its 5G network “within a few weeks”, its boss has come a little too far

Not so fast regarding 5G. The administration is in the process. And that necessarily lengthens the deadlines.

5G is coming, but not so quickly. “We will be able to have access to 5G from November 18, where obviously there are 5G antennas”, indicated as a reminder Stéphane Richard at the microphone of BFM Business. Except that the CEO of Orange has obviously gone a little too far. At 01net, a spokesperson for the incumbent said that “5G will be available within a few weeks in the first cities”. And to specify: “We are awaiting authorization to issue from ANFR”.

Administrative deadlines to remember

Arcep had indicated that operators could launch their 5G networks between November 20 and 30. The regulator had however stressed that it was a theoretical date. And for good reason, since administrative delays must be taken into account. The operators must indeed obtain authorizations to transmit from the ANFR, the wave policeman, but also communicate to the municipalities concerning the activation of their antennas.

The ANFR confirmed having received the first requests on October 23. This is explained by the fact that the operators waited until October 20, positioning auction results day, before submitting their file. “We should be able to provide the first 3.5 GHz band commercial site authorizations from November 20. We will publish this data on 5G after the publication of the commercial offers of the operators ”, indicated the administrative authority to our colleagues.

Municipalities less excited to convince

As for the municipalities, we must succeed in convincing the refractory. “Legally, from the moment the operators have in their hands the authorizations for the frequencies that we, Arcep, are going to give them, they can deploy the network. And they don’t need the mayor’s permission ”, recalled Sébastien Soriano. However, he invited Orange, Free, Bouygues Telecom and SFR to do not go in force and maintain the dialogue. The citizen consultation organized by Paris is a good example of pedagogy.

Source : 01net

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