Orbakaite captured her grown-up daughter in Bermuda shorts on a walk

The singer took a walk with Klavdia Zemtsova on the territory of VDNKh. The girl dressed to match her mother.

Christina Orbakaite. Photo: instagram.com/orbakaite_k/

Christina Orbakaite for more than 15 years she has been happily married to Mikhail Zemtsov. The spouses have a daughter, Claudia. The girl goes to an American school. It is to the United States that the singer regularly travels, since there she has an apartment in New York and a house in Miami. But this year, the star family came to Russia to celebrate their birthday.I’m Alla Pugacheva, and then the anniversary of Orbakaite herself.

Now the singer is filming a new part of the film “Love Carrots”. But her daughter at this time often visits her grandmother and plays with twins Lisa and Harry… The heirs of the Prima Donna love to spend time with a relative. And on the eve, Orbakaite walked with the heiress in Moscow. They visited the park on the territory of VDNKh. At the same time, nine-year-old Claudia was dressed in white Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt with a print.

Earlier, Christina showed up in a snow-white suit with her husband. Apparently, the daughter decided to dress in the same color scheme as her mother.

Daughter Orbakaite
Claudia Zemtsova. Photo: instagram.com/orbakaite_k/

Fans admired how the star looks. At the same time, many gave her compliments. “What a pretty girl”, “Legs are so even, mom’s – you can see right away”, “Klava is so stylish”, “This smile will melt any heart”, “I stayed with my grandmother, now she walks – a wonderful childhood”, “Klava never ceases to please”, “Christina, your daughter is just a miracle,” netizens began to write.

Orbakaite with her husband
Christina Orbakaite with her husband. Photo: instagram.com/orbakaite_k/

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