ORF fails in the ZiB three times because of short interviews – Tv

The lockdown probably also shut down the audio track of the Chancellor interview. In the ZiB it did not work in three attempts to show the conversation.

After days of reporting and a comprehensive press conference including the well-known perseverance slogans, we will not have missed a lot of new things anyway. Nevertheless, the ORF wanted to bring a word of speech among the people in the main news on Saturday evening, which the Chancellor’s head of domestic affairs Hans Bürger granted.

“Have to apologize”

It should stay with a silent film. Over a million Austrians received the Chancellor’s face in the living room, but the message went unheard – “Problems with the soundtrack, we have no choice but to apologize to you”, Anchor Tobias Pötzelsberger confessed after the third failed attempt one.

“Today” has summarized all new corona rules that will apply in lockdown from November 17th here:

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