ORF radio play “Zrugg” by Händl Klaus received the 2023 annual prize from the “German Record Critics’ Prize”.

2023-09-28 07:58:44

Vienna (OTS) The ORF radio play “Zrugg” by Händl Klaus was awarded one of the ten annual prizes for 2023 by the jury of the “German Record Critics’ Prize”. The prize to Händl Klaus will be awarded on September 30th at Elmau Castle. Ö1 will repeat the award-winning production on December 16th in the “Ö1 Hörspiel” from 2 p.m.

The annual committee of the “German Record Critics’ Prize” selected the ten best from a total of 96 nominated new releases from the last 18 months. One of these annual awards goes to Händl Klaus for his ORF radio play “Zrugg”, which was also awarded the “Audience Prize” and the “Critics Prize” at this year’s “Ö1 Radio Play Gala”. The ORF Landesstudio Tirol production from 2022 features Julia Gschnitzer, Jasmin Mairhofer, Florian Eisner, Hannes Perkmann, Katharina Trojer, Katharina Bene, Alexander scratch, Laurin Gabriel and David Schusterschitz, percussion: Andreas Schiffer. Directed by Martin Sailer.

“With his radio play ‘Zrugg’, Händl Klaus has created a masterpiece of dialect and dialectics. In Tyrolean dialect, very old and very young people speak – and think – about a sometimes darkly blurred, sometimes very concrete yesterday. The red, idiosyncratic thread: A poet is looking for the existential word that has escaped him, and everyone is trying to help him in this work of remembering. This creates a carpet of stories and thoughts, extremely delicately woven and highly poetic. Our word for it sounds rather simple: brilliant!” said Jörn Florian Fuchs for the jury.

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In the “German Record Critics’ Prize” association, music critics and journalists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have come together to honor outstanding music and word productions.

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