Organ damage, the common long-term side effect of COVID-19

“So far we have about 250 patients. 20% of them have organ damage, ”said Dominik Buckert, the assistant chief physician of the special ambulatory for lung, heart and blood vessel late effects at University Hospital Ulm.

Buckert added that most of the other patients feel less strong than before the disease, but that in them the doctors could not find damage.

He explained that most of the people who came to the consultation are between 40 and 50 years old. “And actually they are relatively healthy, that is, without previous chronic diseases,” he commented, explaining that the youngest, mostly men, are around 20 years old.

The University Hospital established these consultations for people with late effects of COVID-19 in February of this year.

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Internal medicine specialists from Ulm noted above all myocarditis, that is, inflammation of the middle layer of the heart wall, and the effects of it. These include, according to Buckert, heart failure and arrhythmias.

“In the case of the lungs, we observe that the lung structure is modified and thus the gas exchange is worse.” Consequently, shortness of breath occurs.

Buckert explained that the knowledge collected so far corresponds to that reported in other hospitals about the late effects of the coronavirus.


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