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organic material in other Martian rocks

by archyde

Two of the four Martian rocks analyzed since July by the American probe Perseverance “probably” contain “organic material”.

It’s not “life”… But it raises the level of enthusiasm among researchers.

Perseverance in the delta of an ancient river

On the one hand, the place that is currently exploring Perseverance is the bottom of the delta of an ancient river, flowing into a lake which is today the Jezero crater.

On the other hand, finding organic material in two rock samples out of the four analyzed shows that the robot is on a good vein. These rocks are a few billion years old, at a time when, it is believed, Mars was much more hospitable.

“These are two of the most important samples we will collect on this mission,” said at a press conference David L. Schuster, from the University of California, one of the geology experts on the team Perseverance.

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