Organize computer specs, budget 20000, discrete graphics card, play games before going to Commart Game On

Organize computer specs, budget 20000, GeForce RTX graphics card, play 1080p games, upgradeable for beginner gamers

Organize computer specs, budget 20000 at the end of the year like this Many people would be aiming to build a new computer, right? Even more recently, the graphics card is still a lot cheaper. Suitable for gamers who want to buy a new computer. or assembling a new computer during this period There is still money left to buy accessories, decorate the case, set up a computer table, including various gaming gear as well. Many camps are ready to organize great promotions at the end of the year like this. Will buy online Advice, Banana, IT City, ACE or JIB or go to the store as convenient as this time, the team therefore takes the opportunity to present a 20,000 baht specification that everyone can come and try.Specifytogether on the website which collects prices and hardware from various famous online stores come for you to use Let’s see the guidelines for setting up the specification. What equipment will you get and how much will it cost?

Organize computer specs, budget 20000

1.Intel Pentium+RX6600XT

Organize computer specs, budget 20000

for this first specification Let’s start with a low price.arrange computer specs Budget 20000 baht focuses on playing online games in the category of RTS and MMORPG, including some Action FPS games that do not use more than 4 core CPU power. We choose Intel Pentium Gold G7400 which comes in a socket LGA1700. in a 2 core/ 4 thread and put 16GB of RAM to help the system run smoother Reduce some of the burden and to send processing data to the CPU better And there is a H610M motherboard, the smallest model from ASRock, enough for basic work, including a 256GB SSD in the form of M.2 from ADATA, and the heart is an AMD Radeon RX6600XT video card that is enough to allow the CPU to push to a certain extent. 500W power supply with 80 Plus style and simple case. Including this set, knocking at about 19,430 baht only, considered not over budget. and still get a video card that still goes with many current game

Specification details: Spec 1

2.AMD Ryzen 7 5700G

Organize computer specs, budget 20000

For a set of computer specs, a budget of 20,000 baht, in this second set, we focus on smooth general use. and can play basic games with the use of graphics on the CPU AMD Ryzen 7 5700G which is AMD Radeon Graphic, which is considered to support gaming to a certain extent Especially games that do not draw too much graphics resources such as DOTA2, PUBG, GTAV, or will be Openworld games in some games, and to make the graphics work more efficiently. Therefore put 16GB of RAM to work in dual-channel and increase the SSD to 1TB to put games, store work, and install programs to the max. And it’s also fast with a PCIe 3.0 x4 connection that delivers read performance of up to 3,000MB/s.

Get a power level of 600W as well. This set is ideal for people who may not yet find the right graphics card. and want a more powerful graphics card Which the CPU is still able to roll from the mid-level graphics card Many models are not difficult, such as RX6600, RX6700XT, or it can be a GeForce GTX1660Ti, RTX2060, or it’s not difficult to be an RTX3060Ti, but the connection on PCIe is only at X8 according to the CPU lane. The budget may be too much. Because it almost touches 24,000 baht, but if you want to reduce it, it is recommended to reduce the SSD to 512GB, it seems appropriate.

Specification details: Spec 2

3.AMD Ryzen 3+RX6600XT

Organize computer specs, budget 20000

This set is made especially for AMD fans, because it uses both the CPU and the AMD graphics card, with the AMD Ryzen 3 4100 CPU, which is another great value CPU from this camp. But it’s quite difficult to find one. With 4 core / 8 threads, it can be said to support a wide range of current applications. since general use document work and preliminary editing This CPU model meets the requirements well enough. and can also be used in conjunction with the middle motherboard appropriately Provides some degree of customization for the OC. Also, the price is not too high. And also call the ability of the graphics card in many ways. version as well Even playing some games will make the CPU run to 99%

Computer specs, budget 20,000 baht, come with a mid-range Gigabyte B550 motherboard, but with a lot of functions, get another 16GB of RAM and can be upgraded later, as well as inserting an SSD up to 512GB with a slot for additional upgrades as well called complete When combined with the graphics card that is inserted into the AMD Radeon RX6600XT, it seems to fit quite a bit. This set will fit together quite well. But if anyone thinks that playing games with this graphics card is enough. But would like to upgrade, it is recommended to be Ryzen 5 5500, in addition to getting more Core/Thread. still get more cache Contributing to the work quite a lot. As for the power, 600W is still enough to go with a more powerful graphics card. But the price may be a bit strong. Because it touched almost 24,000 baht, but personally I think it’s worth investing.

Specification details: Spec 3

4.Intel Core i3+RTX3050

Organize computer specs, budget 20000

for this specification It may seem that it is over 20000 baht a lot, but I want you to see that How interesting is it? Because you will get more fresh stuff. On a platform of Intel Gen 12 CPUs and GeForce RTX graphics, which will allow you to continue gaming or working. including future upgrades By starting with the Intel Core i3-12100F CPU, which is a popular model, easy to find, affordable price by working in 4 core / 8 threads, but without E-core like older models, but will be purely strong P-core and comes with a motherboard The default H610M from ASRock with 16GB DDR4 RAM and a M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD from WD 480GB can be used to start 1-2 big games and other programs.

But what’s special about setting up a computer specification for this budget of 20,000 baht is the GeForce RTX3050 graphics card, which we have tested for this pair can go together quite well. especially for basic gameplay That can go up to 70-80fps. On High settings and some heavy games like SCUM, RE Village or COD WWII can see 50fps. Also with a 600W power supply and an ATX standard case, only The only thing is The price dropped from the set price. because the price of the graphics card is relatively high But it looks worth the investment. And this set is still enough to play new games. In the next year as well, however, for the RTX3050 there is a lower price in this model. but may have to check the price more often

Specification details: Spec 4

5.AMD Ryzen 5+RTX3050

Organize computer specs, budget 20000

Coming to the specification that may have the highest price in this specification arrangement. But there are no less interesting specs Including the issue of equipment that meets the needs of many aspects of work. With a powerful CPU like AMD Ryzen 5 5500 running in 6 core/ 12 threads that still delivers great performance today. Whether it’s preliminary editing Video editing at the basic level 1080p or will be photo editing. Comes with an A520 motherboard from MSI, which may be a small version of the motherboard. But it’s customizable. And the price is quite comfortable on the bag But if your budget is a little more Want to move to B550 for more flexible use And will get more RAM slots with 16GB of DDR4 RAM and an additional 480GB SSD in the form of M.2 NVMe PCIe, providing speeds of 3,000MB / s read as well.

with a strong graphics card GeForce RTX3050 Came in to take charge of rolling the frame rate for various games, which this specification is enough to use and play games on Full-HD resolution in many games and can also set the medium-high setting beautifully. where the frame rate will still exceed the level of 40-50fps. Ever and get a 600W power supply to use without discomfort. When upgrading new mid-level graphics cards In the future, too, with an ATX standard case that comes with a beautiful fan light. But the price has moved to 25,590 baht, but you may try to adjust some parts. For example, moving the graphics card to RX6600 or GTX1660 SUPER, etc., will be reduced by another 1,000-2,000 baht.

Specification details: Spec 5


PC Spec 1 PC Spec 2 PC Spec 3 PC Spec 4 PC Spec 5
CPU Intel Pentium Gold G7400 AMD Ryzen 7 5700G AMD Ryzen 3 4100 Intel Core i3 12100F AMD Ryzen 5 5500
motherboard H610 B550 B550 H610 A520
SSD M.2 256GB M.2 1TB M.2 512GB M.2 480GB M.2 480GB
graphics card Radeon RX6600XT Radeon Graphic Radeon RX6600XT GeForce RTX3050 GeForce RTX3050
Power Supply 550W 80+ 600W 600W 600W 600W
case Antec AeroCool Tsunami Tsunami Antec
price 19,430 23,710 23,970 24,900 25,590

Finally, in the specification of the 20,000 baht computer that is provided this time, 5 specifications if your budget is enough, the Ryzen 5 5500 specification with a video card. RTX3050 It is an option that allows you to finish well enough. Almost do not need to upgrade anything in the beginning. But if the budget is a little lower, Intel Core i3 with RTX3050 is enough to meet your needs fairly well at a price close to the set budget But if you want to set up a discrete graphics card At the lowest price, Intel Pentium with RX6600XT is enough to push the frame rate in many games at a reasonable price. But may need to upgrade the capacity of the SSD a little more in the budget of hundreds to get more capacity Supports installing more than 1-2 games, which will allow you to play without being too uncomfortable. Or don’t have to delete the old game But what I would like to recommend is If you are thinking of playing the game I want to keep the capacity of the RAM at 16GB because at least It is a good helper for smooth processing. In some games, more than 4-5GB of RAM is used, if there is only 8GB, just running the system may not be enough, it may cause stuttering or stuttering as well.

But if possible, if you want to play the game smoothly and be the end Yours during this year 2022 may set a slightly higher budget, at least 30,000 baht, there will be many things that will change for you to use more conveniently. and more options to use as well especially with new hardware Or get more RAM and SSD Including the CPU may start at Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 is not difficult. It all depends on what you focus on the most. And don’t forget If you want a great promotion, good price, with a lot of options, visit the Commart Game On 2022 event that is being held on Thursday 24-27 November. Good promotions are waiting for you. or if looking at decision making information You can see in our next article. Invade the Commart event. Find a great promotion for a good price computer for you.

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