Orlando Bloom impresses his followers with his hard training

It is common for stars to share their training sessions online, especially those who are preparing for a role that requires a certain physique. Thus, many Marvel actors like Chris Hemsworth o Brie Larson They usually upload videos in their network accounts in which they train to gain muscle.

The last to show his effort between exercise machines has been Orlando Bloom. The British, who has just shot the film Red Right Hand with Garrett Dillahunt and Andie MacDowell, has wanted to teach his followers on Instagram your training without it being linked to any project.

Instead, he has taken the opportunity to remember his own story of overcoming, when an accident he suffered at the age of 19 almost left him unable to walk again.

“I broke my back when I was 19 and they said I would never walk again,” he has written in actor, along with three videos in which we see him exercising with weights and machines. In the images, the 45-year-old actor shows off his good physical shape, sporting a muscular body that has surprised his fans.

Bloom has repeatedly referred to the accident he suffered in 1998 that could have left him in a wheel chair. Without going any further, a year ago he recounted his experience on Instagram. In sagas such as The Lord of the Rings or Pirates of the Caribbean, he fell from a height of three stories trying to reach a roof and his spine was completely crushed.

Fortunately, Bloom not only survived the fall, but was able to walk again despite dire medical prognoses. He now recognizes that what happened has taught him to appreciate life and not to be as reckless as he was in his youth.

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26 years after what happened, the Briton has become a much-loved star on the international scene and, judging by his last post, his physical form is unbeatable.

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