Orlando Leblond, 34, twelve years already spent in prison, has just been sentenced to two more years in prison

Orlando Leblond is no stranger: his name has frequently made headlines. Although very young, now 34, he has indeed already been sentenced many times, including 16 years in prison by the Liège Court of Appeal in 2012 and 20 years in prison by the Court of assizes of Hainaut in 2013.

All this for serious facts, clearly: the litany is long which goes from extortion to arson through attempted murder and murder!

Just recently, said Orlando Leblond had to respond to new facts. In light of the above, this perhaps pales in comparison: while on leave, August 25, 2022, Leblond does not return to prison and is therefore considered an escapee. He then goes to his ex-companion, who obviously has no desire to see him: “She went into hysterics, I held her back and put my hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. Then I left and walked. I then went to a guy who had a problem with my brother, to discuss. When he saw me, he closed the door… I decided to steal a car, I had a small screwdriver in my pocket but I didn’t succeed. And then someone saw me. And I also thought it was not nice for the owner. So I left the scene and I was arrested a little later, ”he explained during the hearing which was devoted to these latest facts.

No questioning

Deputy Crown Prosecutor Damien Vervaeren had painted a portrait of the defendant: “Orlando Leblond is someone who still does not question himself: he is granted leave, he takes the opportunity to go and annoy people who do not have no desire to see it and to try to steal a car! A 30-month prison sentence was then requested. A sentence that had made Leblond’s lawyer jump by its severity. For Me Cigna, things are clear, Leblond must be acquitted of the attempted theft since he stopped himself, it is a non-punishable attempt. And if the court does not follow this argument, Leblond should not be sentenced to more than 6 months in prison. After all, if it goes all out, it will be released in 2030!

He explodes in court

In the middle of the hearing, the defendant had shown arrogance, unlikely to obtain leniency from the court: “Ban, go ahead, put me 10 years if it can help you sleep”. Before launching into a diatribe against prison: “We purge, we purge… We smoke joints, we take drugs and then we come to talk to you about reintegration. We are abandoned in prisons, that’s what happens. It’s a circus, what’s going on here”

Clearly in a state of recidivism, Orlando Leblond was therefore sentenced, this Thursday afternoon, to two new years in prison.

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