Orlando Patiño’s last greeting to his crazy killers

Orlando Patiño Valencia, the announcer of Una hora con los solistas de la Sonora, died.

“Ahhh, what a shame,
my people. Time came upon us and this is over ”, he said. Orlando Patiño Valencia at the end of your radio show, One hour with the soloists of the Sonora Matancera. Perhaps it was what he could have said this Monday, October 11 (perhaps it was Sunday), his last day on this Earth: he died at the age of 72, at his home.

Matancerómano, as he was known, celebrated on Saturday his almost 60 years on the radio as an announcer and sports narrator. It was at a tribute in a Bethlehem nightclub, his brother said Alberto Patiño. He arrived at his residence on Sunday, did not answer the phone or messages. On Monday, already worried, Alberto called a neighboring business and they told him that they were surprised, he had not opened the window, as he always did, nor turned the music from Latina Stereo to high volume.

When his relatives entered the apartment he was in bed, lifeless. Natural death, his brother specified.

The beginning

Orlando was born in 1949 in the Campo Valdés neighborhood of Medellín. He became famous for working on Latina Stereo, where he featured salsa idols. Although he also narrated football matches, news and cockfights. “It is more difficult than narrating football. I had to learn the terms: corrido rooster, blind rooster, one-eyed rooster, feathered rooster …; I read the time in the hourglass ”, he said in an article for this newspaper in 2011.

His father, Jose de Jesus PatiñoHe was also an announcer, well known for a character called Toñito El Gruñón. The name came out, because he was grumpy and ill-tempered. Perhaps that made him not support his son, in principle, to follow in his footsteps.

At age 15, Orlando was on a newscast for the first time in Radio Now. The world up to date. If he had said goodbye, “With the coordination of Antonio Jurado Alzate”, When his dad called him, what are you doing there, he told him. I’m going to show you that, Orlando replied, that on the radio I’m going to be more than you. And well.

Orlando’s sister, Nubia, explained in the 2011 article that the dad didn’t want the son to follow in his footsteps because popularity was hard to handle, and he could lead the way of liquor and women.

Of course Orlando traveled those trails: he was also a drinker and a womanizer. Maybe he walked on the radio all his life. He left Radio Ya, worked at Todelar, returned to Ya, was on Radio Cristal and ended up on Latina Stereo.

The program was founded Pache Andrade and Orlando in 1971, it was called An hour with the Sonora. Pati, as her closest ones also called her, did it until her last days. Viviana Alvarez, the director of Latina Stereo, says that he was already a little handicapped by a hip fracture he had suffered, so the last programs he recorded from his home. He prerecorded them and sent them out, and they played them at 2:00 in the afternoon, without fail. Orlando said he greeted from his penthouse, and the penthouse, Viviana says, was a simple house for La Minorista that became his recording booth.

Always in company

His friends were his listeners. His relationship with those who listened to him was not someone who was behind the radio, in the distance. He partied with them, received them at his house, recalls the station’s director. So they took him, they brought him, they gave him brandy, food. The listeners gave him things, and he was fascinated by it. Also the artists. Celina, the singer of Celina & Reutilio, gave him a watch that he never took off, not even to bathe.

Julius restrepo, salsero and announcer on Latina Stereo, says that Orlando is the history of tropical music in Medellín. In addition to being an announcer, he was a businessman, a personal friend of the greats of Sonora. He was the first announcer of the station, because there was no spoken band, only music, and he was in the first tests, when they began to speak. For Restrepo, the Orlando program, he does the math, is the oldest in the country. It was 36 years of Pati in it, although on the radio she turned 50.

Matancerómano was talkative, cheerful, he liked bohemia and good music. He liked drinks, parties. At concerts he would go up to the stage to present them. He liked the white shoe, wearing a big hat.

He would arrive at the cabin an hour before (when he would go to the cabin), have a fruit juice, any fruit, give himself the blessing before starting the program and then say hello: “Good afternoon, my people, how are you? We are going to present you an hour with the artists of Matanzas salsa, Orlando Patino, with license 6535 communications ”. Last week he won a chance with that number: five million pesos.

Greetings to all cancer killers, Orlando would say. Anecdotes, Julio says, are what remain. Aaaaahhhhh, what a pity, my people … this is over!


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