Orlando Ponce Morazán’s blog: ‘Harvesting a third place and on penalties is like winning a stick cup’ – Diez

Soccer and sports in general are historically marked by their triumphs and defeats, the rest is left for sentimentality and conformism, bad symptoms on the road to achieving goals that Honduras is going for.

That is the pragmatic example of the Senior National Team that just finished in third place in the Concacaf Nations League, after losing in the semifinals against the United States, ultimately champions of the tournament, and defeating Costa Rica, the classic rival of the region.

As much as good feelings have remained in the game in both games, more in the second half against the Ticos, the results in the end remain the same, a match has not been won since November 2019, when they defeated Trinidad and Tobago in the preliminary phase of the League of Nations itself and that is already a lot and alarming.

On that road we are the same as Costa Rica, with an amnesia of almost two years without knowing a victory.

In the evaluation of the entire contest, to which the four leaders of the preliminary round agreed, the fall against the United States was indigestible, three minutes from the end due to the same deconcentration as always and because the match could have been perfectly won, but let’s ask the Choco lozano and their elementary failures.

Although it is true in the volume of scoring chances they were even, the difference was established by the American team with a goal in extremis from the goalscorer of the Young Boyd from Switzerland, Pefok, in a match that was marked for penalties and for a destiny in the limit of limbo.

After that setback against the Americans, the usual consolations arose again: we dominated the game, we were superior, we are better than them, but we lost again and returned empty-handed! But what is hidden behind all this? There is an undeniable reality, there are no favorable results. Matches are not won and with that absence no titles are achieved in any of the tournaments in which they participate.

If we go to the match for third place, the same errors also appeared. First he was lost just at 8 minutes with the goal of Campbell, after a concert of defensive failures.

It was tied with a great goal from Edwin Rodríguez; the advantage was obtained with definition of Elis but the tie came in the last three minutes through Francisco Calvo and everything had to be resolved in the prisons where Honduras was more successful and Luis Lopez de lució with two saved penalties.

The failure was built from the defeat against the United States, since no highly competitive team in Concacaf celebrates third places or second places, such as Mexico that does not assimilate having lost the final against the United States. We must already overcome that mentality of being satisfied with very little and that applies to everything in life.

It must be recognized that the Bicolor in the two meetings against direct rivals in the process to the World Cup Qatar, left better sensations of his game, if we compare it with the one shown in the March tour before Belarus Y Greece and let’s not say the shameful presentations in front of Nicaragua Y Guatemala.


In the Nations League a good base was found with Luis López, Diego Rodríguez, Maynor Figueroa, Marcelo Pereira, Kevin Álvarez, Deiby Flores, Alex López, Bryan Acosta, Edwin Rodríguez and Albert Ellis. Those who do not appear on this list and had participation did not contribute anything or very little, among them the brand new forward of the Cádiz from Spain, from whom I am still waiting to make a difference in the Bicolor.

Now comes a forever highly complicated test, to face next Saturday to Mexico on Atlanta, Georgia, in a friendly clash that will have nothing.

If we continue on the route we are taking, it will be equal to draw, win or lose against the Mexicans, with that story that the most important thing will be the World Cup qualifiers.

There are barbarians who do not even give any importance to the results that they may have. Honduras in the next gold Cup, when the obligation should be to win it after so many bullets until being eliminated in the first phase.

With the results of the Nations league, Honduras will continue its decline in the ranking of the FIFA, by some despised, but that serves so that they can hire a footballer for example in the Premier League of England.

Selection of Mexico It has fallen into a sea of ​​criticism and mistrust, due to its misplaced journalists and fans, which Honduras could take advantage of to give them a new blow and further dent the process with Gerardo Martino.

It is not my wish to disqualify everything that is being done and I do not promote campaigns to dismiss Coito technician, but I like coffee with sugar, when it is bitter I do not drink it.


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