Orlando Universal Park reaches its maximum capacity 10 minutes after opening

He Universal theme park in Orlando (Florida, USA) reached this Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 10 minutes after opening its doors, the maximum capacity of visitors according to the norms of the pandemic, the same that happened in the three previous days.

At 08:10 in the morning (local time), Universal Orlando Resort reported on social networks that more visitors were not allowed until further notice and published a special phone number so that interested parties can find out about the level of capacity before going to the park.

In the message it indicates that it could reopen its doors after lunch time.

The park had warned on December 29 that it might have to close its doors shortly after opening and advised those with a flexible calendar let today’s date go by.

Despite the recommendations stay at home issued by health authorities many Americans have traveled these days to spend the New Year in tourist places.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) monitored 1.28 million passengers at the nation’s airports last Sunday, the highest number in a single day since March.

During the past week they went through controls of TSA more than seven million passengers.

In 2018, the last year with full figures, Orlando was the tourist destination “number one” in the United States, with 75 million visitors, a 4.2% increase over 2017.

In December 2019 the Orlando International Airport, in central Florida, surpassed a record 50 million passengers in one year.

The pandemic and the consequent closing of activities Starting in March, they have caused serious damage to Florida’s tourism industry, which is estimated to take years to recover.

The theme parks of Orlando, which had to apply thousands of suspensions and dismissals of workers, reopened last July with new security measures and have been gradually recovering visitors.


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