Oron (VD) – Young people happy to find the chips


The 2021 Rally of the Vaudoise Rural Youth Federation (FVJC) will be held until Sunday in Palézieux.

Pétanque, volleyball, football, karaoke, concerts … and even high-flying with an army Super Puma, not to mention the pedestrian and motorized rallies. There is something for everyone in Palézieux, in the town of Oron, where the Rallye 2021 from FVJC. “It is really impressive! They did things big, ”admires Ruben, who has come to have a good time with his friends from the Youth of Châtonnaye (FR).

The different constructions, including a larger-than-life boat, particularly surprised the participants. “It’s true that they had two years to build,” Ruben emphasizes. And for good reason, the rally should normally have taken place last year. That was without counting the pandemic. For most of the people we met there, it was also the first Jeunesses party for two years. “It feels good to finally be able to meet up with friends, in a party place like this one”, shares Jade, from the Youth of Ballaigues (VD).

The members of the various societies, as well as the other visitors, however quickly regained their habits. Day and night, the drink flows freely. “We went to bed around 5 am and got up at 7 am. It’s not a lot of sleep, but it would be a shame to miss the aperitif ”, laughs another participant in the various events. activities organized for the occasion. The festivities end on Sunday. Note that entry to the party place is free, but limited to holders of a Covid certificate.

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