Ortuella: 40 years of mourning: The tragedy of Ortuella in the Fourth Millennium: “They would have to tell us the truth”

“I perfectly remember seeing EL CORREO and being scared,” Iker Jiménez recalled. The presenter was seven years old at the time and he was shocked to see the news of the Ortuella tragedy in the newspaper, when on October 23, 1980 an explosion at the Marcelino Ugalde school cut short the lives of 50 children and three adults. “Some survivors say that the whole truth was not told,” the communicator reported before interviewing Mari Mar Carrasco, one of the girls who managed to save her life. «I had just started first at EGB. That was a normal day. We went out to the patio to play. I lived in front of the school and I went to greet my mother from the patio. He threw me some cookies, like he always did. Then we went to class and everything was over, “said the guest.

Carrasco spent 22 days in a coma due to a head injury. “When I woke up they had to teach me to walk, to eat … I didn’t remember my family”he declared. And the misfortune left him sequels such as epilepsy. “It was my mother, Rosario, who brought me forward,” revealed the woman, who is currently a dining room monitor at another school. Supposedly there was a propane tank in the basement downtown and it exploded. “I think that, to this day, it has not been clear. They never really told us what happened », criticized Mari Mar who, with twenty years, began to investigate the event and came to claim the reports of it, «but they denied me », he reproached.

Jiménez cited an operator who, allegedly, was the one who unintentionally triggered the tragedy. «I do blame him. I don’t know anything about him and I don’t want to know. I know they sent someone to fix something. That would have been avoided if this person was sent during non-school hours. And today they continue to do the same, they send workers to fix things in schools when there are children, “Carrasco accused. The guest also expressed her doubts about the real version of what happened four decades ago. «I think that many things were covered and that those responsible have not paid. They would have to tell us the whole truth. Everything is covered », he evidenced. And he continued to accuse: “In his day they commented that the school was already badly done and then they only said that it was a gas leak, but nothing of responsibilities.”

Removing terrible stories is complicated. “It is hard to talk to them about this because sometimes the affected families do not want things to be removed,” said the journalist. And his interviewee nodded. «I know there will be people who will feel bad because in their day it was said that this had to be left behind, but we must not forget each one of the little people and persons who left: 50 children and three adults. One of them was my teacher, Conchi, who was doing a substitution and left a one-year-old girl, ”she expressed hurt. “As from this program things move,” Iker Jiménez ventured. “Hopefully!”, Decided Mari Mar.


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