Óscar Sevilla continues to win at 44

Updated:11/22/2020 01: 33h


It seems that time is not passing for Óscar Sevilla, the Spanish cyclist who emigrated to Colombia and settled there. He acquired dual Colombian-Spanish nationality years ago, married in the South American country, and continues to compete despite the fact that he turned 44 on September 29. Sevilla won his first career as a professional cyclist on May 8, 1999, more than 21 years ago, when he was a promising Kelme climber, and last Thursday he conquered the time trial in the Vuelta a Colombia.

Thanks to his longevity in the peloton, Óscar Sevilla has already has 118 victories, ten less than Alejandro Valverde, although it is true that his conquests on the American continent do not have the repercussion that Valverde’s triumphs on the World Tour circuit.

The Seville race has a before and after, Operation Port (2006) that pointed to the clients of the doctor Eufemiano Fuentes. The cyclist had been a project of figure in the Kelme, then gregarious of Ullrich in the Telekom and finally had to withdraw to America after the raids of the Civil Guard.

In America ran in Rock Racing for a couple of years, before requalifying himself as an amateur in Colombia, where he began a prosperous and unexpected career in his early thirties.

In Colombia, especially, but also United States, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama or Brazil, Óscar Sevilla found himself again as a cyclist and has built a remarkable career, which includes numerous successes. Last Thursday, just turned 44, the manchego sealed another success in his service record.

A year ago, he explained his situation in Argentina. «The key is the illusion. I never tire of pedaling, I love this sport, it is my life and luckily I have health and good feelings. And a family that supports me and knows what cycling means to me. I also like to help the boys and guide them to be better. I feel young, I feel sparkling, but there is little left and that is why I enjoy every race and every day. The day I see that the moment has come I will leave it, I want to retire with enthusiasm and not drag myself ».

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