Ospina says that “fans of America should isolate themselves” to avoid contagion of covid-19

December 28, 2020 – 08:03 am
2020-12-28 By:

Newsroom of El País

After the caravans and crowds for the title of America this Sunday, despite the curfew and the dry law, the mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina, urged fans to isolate themselves to avoid more contagion of covid-19.

“The risk at this moment is for the people who will bring the virus to their home and will kill their grandparents. That is a responsibility that every young person must assume and understand,” said the president in an interview with Blu Radio, recalling that older adults they are the most vulnerable to disease.

For this reason, he reflected that “perhaps what needs to be done at this moment is to ask all those young people who are listening to us to isolate themselves and take care of the loved one, to assume a process of protection with the people who live with them and did not form part of the waste we had last night. “

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According to him, the restrictive measures, which began at 9:00 pm, did not begin earlier, as requested by the scientific community, because disturbances of public order could have occurred due to the impossibility of watching the game on open television.

“When there is religious, sporting or ideological fanaticism, people tend to focus only on their gaze and it is very difficult for anyone to resolve that contradiction,” he argued.

On the other hand, he assured that there were no deaths on the night of the 15th star of the scarlet set. The injured were few, he said, without specifying the number.

In Cali, 2,672 people have died from covid-19, according to the Departmental Secretariat of Valle del Cauca.


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