Oswaldo Arcia turned the game around with Grand Slam against Magallanes

The player of Caribs from Anzoátegui, Oswaldo arcia flipped the game with Grand Slam in the first commitment of the semifinal against Navegantes del Magallanes in the LVBP.

The offensive of Caribs continues to show that it is one of the most fearsome on the circuit and after losing 5-0 to Magallanes flipped the scoreboard in the bottom of the fifth inning.

Oswaldo arcia He hit a long ball down the left field against an Erick Leal that was deciphered by the offense of Caribs and suffered a Grand Slam in the LVBP.

With this Grand Slam, Arcia He added his seventh lifetime home run in the Playoffs with the shirt of the aboriginal organization, according to a press release from Caribs.

The first game of the semifinal between Caribs and Magallanes is in the bottom of the sixth inning where the Cariberos offense continues to hurt the pitchers of “La Nave Turca.”

We have no doubt that all the fans of LaTribuOriental enjoyed the full return blow of Oswaldo arcia in the LVBP.

Here the video:

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