Other guests for the Undertaker’s “Final Farewell” in Orlando – Why Bayley and Otis didn’t have to qualify for Team Smackdown – Davey Boy Smith Jr. possibly before returning to WWE – WWE secured additional trademarks

– As reported by PWInsider, Rikishi, Mideon, Henry Godwinn and former WWE Referee Tim White are also in Orlando for the “Survivor Series” PPV. It remains to be seen whether they will appear in front of the cameras, but they have been invited to the Undertaker’s farewell and so it stands to reason that they will be seen in the “Final Farewell” segment for the Deadman. With Savio Vega, Kane, The Godfather, Rikishi, Mideon and Henry Godwinn, all still living members of the “Bone Street Krew” are present, a former backstage group to which the taker also belonged. Rikishi also posted a photo of his friends on Instagram today. Yokozuna, Brian Adams, Mr. Fuji and Paul Bearer also belonged to the “BSK”, but unfortunately they are no longer alive. As we have already reported, Kurt Angle will also be there for the Undertaker’s farewell.

– On Friday, Adam Pearce named Otis and Bayley to the final members of Team Smackdown in the Survivor Series without the two of them having to qualify. As Dave Meltzer reports on Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE was simply running out of time, so Bayley and Otis were simply announced as members in this way. At the end of the current edition of Smackdown, there was no more time to set up two more qualifying matches. At the beginning of the month Adam Pearce had stated in a segment with Braun Strowman that he could not simply put him in Team Smackdown and that he had to qualify first.

– For some time now, Davey Boy Smith Jr. has been associated with a return to WWE and the son of the “British Bulldog” confirmed in an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated that this is definitely an option for him . His contract with Major League Wrestling runs until December 18th and Court Bauer’s company would like to keep the 35-year-old, but in addition to WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling and All Japan Pro Wrestling have also expressed interest in his services. His starting position for a well-paid contract could hardly be better. Harry Smith, his real name, was actually supposed to go on tour with AJPW on a regular basis this year, but the coronavirus pandemic thwarted these plans. On Halloween he was at Chris Jericho’s party and talked to Tony Khan there, but he would only like to talk to him about business after the end of his MLW contract. According to Dave Meltzer, Smith Jr. is not yet showing any signs of tendency; he wants to weigh all options. Davey Boy Smith Jr. was fired from WWE in August 2011 and has since worked for NJPW, NOAH and MLW, among others.

– WWE secured several more trademarks for their product on November 17th. This time, however, it wasn’t about potential names for new workers, but rather nicknames that have been used in the shows for quite some time. In addition to “The Big Dog” for Roman Reigns and “The Queen” for Charlotte Flair, “The Goddess” for Alexa Bliss was also registered for “entertainment purposes”.

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