Other information about the woman who was with López-Gatell on the beach

In recent days, the trip of the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion generated great media expectations, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, to the beaches of Oaxaca. Many were curious to know the identity of the lady who appears with him in the photographs. They tell us it’s about Rebeca Peralta Mariñelarena, who was an official in the government of Evo Morales in Bolivia, and currently serves as director of International Liaison at the Undersecretariat of Public Education. Before being an official in the Bolivian government, Mrs. Rebeca, they tell us, was the coordinator of the Mexican consultancy “Neurona” in that country. Due to her participation in this campaign, both she and Neurona made their way into the administration of Evo Morales: she as an official and the company as an official consultant to the former Bolivian president. They describe something else to us: “Neurona” has been in the eye of the hurricane for months, as multiple scandals have transpired that professionally link it to far-left political projects in Latin America and southern Europe.

The president goes by his own Facebook

AMLObook, could be the name of the blessed social network of the future, make us see. Yesterday the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, still outraged by the attitude of the once blessed Facebook and Twitter networks of having closed the accounts of his friend the president Donald Trump, said that the federal government could study the creation of a new social network. The President said that he could use the researchers and engineers from Conacyt, the SCT and even the Ministry of the Interior, the Foreign Ministry and the Legal Counsel of the Presidency, to develop this social network. Hold on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, because the social network of the self-call 4T could arrive.

AMLO will travel to Guerrero and Michoacán to put order

They tell us that because things are very intense in Guerrero and Michoacán, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador you will have to travel to these entities to put order. They make us see that even though mechanisms for transparency had been implemented and that everything was within what the law establishes, this has not worked, and it is for this reason that the federal Executive will have to travel to these states for this purpose week to find a way to solve these problems. Of course we are not referring to the relaxation that exists in the appointment of Morena’s candidates to governors in Guerrero and Michoacán, in any way, since you see that the President does not get involved in electoral issues. We refer to the corruption that exists in customs and the insecurity that exists in both entities. They detail that on Friday, after his morning conference at the National Palace, the President will travel to the port of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, while on Saturday and Sunday he will walk along the southern roads, in Atoyac and Acapulco.

The new grip on Morena

The wounds from Morena’s internal contest for candidacies for state governments are still festering and new wounds are already coming. In this month of January, the registration (registration) of all those who want a multi-member council is carried out. According to the leadership of Morena, the selection of candidates will be by survey, and many already see the possibility of repeating the history lived in the case of the governorships, because in that process a large part of the candidates disqualified the results of the surveys and they argued that this exercise was just a simulation. The problem, they explain to us, is that in this case Morena is playing the majority that until now maintains in the Chamber of Deputies that has taken advantage of so much and continues to need the President of the Republic to pass all his initiatives. A grab in the Chamber, like that of the governorships, would be of high risk for the viability of the project of the so-called Fourth Transformation.


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