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Discouraged from being deprived of many freedoms, one wonders how long it will be possible to survive with containment measures that go against everything we are as human beings.

No one knows how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last, but the World Health Organization (WHO) warned this summer that it was necessary to prepare for a “very long” streak.

This week, Prime Minister François Legault spoke of several months when instructions should be followed.

In return, confinement is far from a panacea, and represents a threat to the economy on a global scale, in addition to promoting poverty, as reported by a WHO expert.

Magic solution

Of course, it is tempting to believe in the magic solution that would replace this confinement that afflicts us. Some, like Donald Trump, twist reality to try to take advantage of it.

On Twitter, the US president falsely claimed that the WHO had proven him right, that the confinement was killing countries, that the remedy should not be worse than the problem itself, and that states like New York should to open.

Other measures

The WHO, through Dr David Nabarro, has instead ruled that containment should not be the main measure and should be accompanied by other methods. Think of information and awareness on health measures, more efficient and accessible tests, and effective contact tracing to reduce the spread.

In Quebec, we do all that, and we can certainly do even better. But above all, we must avoid falling into magical thinking, despite the frustration and discouragement. We must remember that there is no quick fix, and that one day we will be rewarded for all these sacrifices.

This freedom, we will find it again, and we will savor it even more than before.

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