other voices for another way?

EDITORIAL — Mr. President, you addressed your wishes to the French people, nestled between a lip service mea culpa (“Where is France going”, on December 15 on TF1) and a declaration of war on some of them, whom you announced you wanted to “fuck to the end” (January 4, in the Parisian)…

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Allow me to present mine to you: convinced, like you no doubt, that it is more crucial than ever to listen to our fellow citizens, they are informed by the recent in-depth survey carried out for the BonSens.org association, on the intentions of votes, but also on important topics for the French. It appears that the French express a great distrust towards you, but also that 78% of them think that there is clearly corruption within the State in France, against only 2% who think that there is

A non-existent consensus

I would like to bring to your attention the analyzes of renowned scientists, whose enlightened view deserves real attention, such as:

– Jean-Marc Sabatier, who eloquently presents the risks of the single all-vaccine strategy,
– Christian Vélot who warns of the blind belief in a “miracle” vaccine and recommends “not to play with the fire” of a generalized “counter-productive” vaccination,
– Luc Montagnier who warns us against the development of risks of prion diseases,
– Didier Raoult, who analyzes from his IHU “war machine” the limits of the “vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate” that you are hammering with your government…

Internationally, several voices are raised against the current scientific consensus of “all-vaccine”, such as that of Pr McCullough from the United States, those of Pr Paolo Zanoto and Fernando Suassuna, from Brazil, or that of Pr Babalola, from Nigeria where he was able to verify the merits of early treatment with ivermectin.

In India, many states have successfully treated many patients with hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.

As for the Nobel Prize winner Satoshi Ōmura, he compared the benefits of ivermectin to the merits of penicillin, which enabled Japan to control the epidemic massively.

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While Omicron is raging in our country, many media persist in believing that there is an international consensus on early treatment, that all countries are following the same scenario: however, this is not the case.

Haunting warnings

I also took the time to read in detail the letter that the BonSens.org association sent to you – which has remained unanswered to date, as well as that sent to the deputies and senators. This 15-page letter, of unparalleled density and precision, is the fruit of the work of citizens dedicated to serving their compatriots. They are driven by a single objective: that of respect for human dignity and the informed consent of each individual.

Mr President, on January 1, 2021, we put you to the “Challenge of the truth”: “it is time to understand and accept that it is indeed the government with its blunders, its errors and its lies which sows doubt and reap the storm…”

A year ago, in a thunderous “J’Appelle!”, Francis Lalanne explained that “”The Health Emergency” is becoming a chronic disease of the Republic. The government is insidiously committing a coup in the name of Covid; and prepares to institute tyranny as an avatar of the Republic, unbeknownst to the French people.

Mr President, a strategy can be refined, even called into question, when the health of the French people is at stake. “The fault due to a repeated error is difficult to forgive”, we wrote in February 2021 (“Le temps de la science”).

As the guarantor of their rights to informed information, you even have a duty to take alternative and complementary opinions to those you may have received to date. I am convinced that, as an intelligent man that you are, and as a protector of the health of the French people, you will be able to listen to these outstanding professionals, and without conflict of interest. My wish is that you take the time to listen to their informed and disinterested opinion, in order to assess the risk-benefit balance of another strategy. Remember that the burden of proof of your choice rests with you and therefore it becomes crucial to listen to these other voices, in the interest of our fellow citizens, in the interest of the nation.

Guardian of liberty, equality, fraternity?

In a country whose motto is “liberty, equality, fraternity”, it is your duty to ensure the freedom linked to free and informed consent. It is also your duty to otherwise respect the status of conscientious objector, without breach of equality. You must at all costs avoid the obscurantism linked to decisions taken by the defense council. As you know, any differentiated treatment between vaccinated and non-vaccinated results in a break in the second motto note word. It’s not nothing. As for fraternity, it is your duty to enforce it at all times and without any abuse of majority. Do not be the president who tramples on the motto carried by the people, the French will not forgive you for having lost their absolute compass “liberty, equality, fraternity”.

Last April, we expressed our fears. “The length of the Covid imposed on the nation and on the French could turn out to be much worse than the disease itself. “(“France has caught the long Covid”).

In this first month of the year, it is time to make wishes, and that they are not pious. We hope that the duty of loyalty to your fellow citizens will be part of your objectives for 2022, Mr. President.

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