Ottawa donated $ 1 million to Dr. Gary Kobinger of Laval University for his Quebec vaccine | COVID-19 | The gallery

Chis case was at the heart of the first discussions during the question period on Wednesday, the day during which Mr. Trudeau answered all questions from the opposition.

In response to Bloc leader Yves-François Blanchet, who pointed out that Quebec will assume the federal government’s share for the Laval University Infectious Disease Research Center, Mr. Trudeau wanted to rectify the situation.

“It gives me pleasure, Mr. President, to correct my honorable colleague and to point out that in February, precisely, Mr. Kobinger received a federal grant of one million dollars for his research within the framework of the research fund. rapid on the novel coronavirus, ”he said.

The response made the leader of the Bloc Quebecois jump. “We mustn’t take the world for pies, there. He asked for two million to develop the vaccine, he was told no, ”responded Mr. Blanchet.

The Dr Kobinger said to Journal of Montreal, earlier this week, having been able to develop an effective prototype on animals against COVID-19. But Ottawa reportedly refused him $ 2 million for clinical trials in humans.

The Quebec government has since said it is ready to advance the missing $ 2 million, but this money comes too late to make up for the current lack of vaccines.

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