our country is turning orange!

As the positivity rate is below 4% (2.7%), our country meets the two criteria of the ECDC to go from red to orange! The new map of Europe will be put online this Thursday by this official European body.

It remains to be seen whether our three regions will be in orange. Sunday, only Flanders had passed under 150 cases. We imagine that this will soon be the case for the other two … By province, we were at 104 for Luxembourg, 107 for Flemish Brabant, 108 for East Flanders, 113 for Namur, 118 for West Flanders, 122 for Limbourg, 150 cases for Antwerp, 162 for Liège, 167 for Hainaut, 182 for the Brussels region and 195 for Walloon Brabant. The German-speaking community is … 72 cases.


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