Our good marks on the track this Wednesday 02/24 I PARIS TURF

Akyo will try to double the bet

Find the horses that we spotted not long ago, and which seem capable of showing off this Wednesday, February 24. On the occasion of the flagship meeting of the day, which will take place at the Cagnes-sur-Mer racecourse, Akyo (603) will try to win the 6th race of the program, the Prix des Issambres.

Cagnes-sur-Mer (R1)

3 – Price of the Beach Walk

307 – Prince de Montfort, M, 3 years old

06.02.2021 – Cagnes-sur-Mer (3rd)

Quickly at the back of the peloton, progressed in the middle of the track, then came back to the leading group at distance and made a good effort until the end, threatening the first two.

6 – Prix des Issambres

603 – Akyo, M, 4 years old

10.02.2021 – Cagnes-sur-Mer (1st)

Long among the last, had to wait a long time to get the passage, then finished well, coming to impose on the post.

7 – Prix de Carpentras

705 – Golden Age, M, 6 years

06.02.2021 – Cagnes-sur-Mer (3rd)

Waited backwards, then progressed to the center at mid-straight and produced a good final effort.

707 – Damanda’s Delight, F, 5 ans

29.01.2021 – Chantilly (7th)

Quickly at the rear, progressed to the center in the straight line, without feeling at ease, then was able to accelerate at distance and finished well.

8 – Prix de Juan-les-Pins

805 – Taekwondo, M, 6 years old

12.02.2021 – Cagnes-sur-Mer (2nd)

Quickly on a fourth row on the rope, had to delay for a long time in the straight line, not having the opening, then accelerated to the distance and finished well.

812 – Goldstone, H, 5 ans

03.02.2021 – Cagnes-sur-Mer (6th)

Within the peloton, followed Quiet Zain in the straight, then finished pretty well, failing with a breath for the runners-up.

Vire (R3)

1 – Krys Optics Prize – Yannick Pierre

115 – Flynn Herold, H, 6 ans

20.01.2021 – Agent (3ème)

Quick to the outposts, couldn’t follow Fascinoso de Lou in front, then took a short break at the entrance to the straight when he was second, coming back to finish strong.

2 – Price of Vans Barbot

212 – Idao de Tillard, M, 3 years old

31.01.2021 – Argentan (1st)

Patient in a third row, then behind the animators in front, attacked in the final turn and took the measure ofIllico de Bomo halfway down the straight line, winning clearly.

3 – O’Bocage Prize – Vire Normandie – La Graverie

305 – Eoulie du Bourg, F, 7 years old

06.12.2020 – Bordeaux – Le Bouscat (5th)

Long patiently among the last, before finishing very well, just failing for fourth place.

7 – Agrial Prize

714 – Folie Blonde, F, 6 years old

23.01.2021 – Paris-Vincennes (not placed)

Quickly to the rear, downgraded on a fault in the penultimate turn, encroaching completely, then came back to finish well, close to Favorite ; has been left behind offline.

Toulouse (R5)

5 – Muret Prize

502 – Estrella Fafa, F, 7 years old

25.01.2021 – Marseille-Vivaux (8th)

Tug-of-war on a fourth line, never found an opening in the straight line when she had the resources to compete for the podium.


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