“Our role here is to do your job because you don’t”: at surreal press conference, Trump’s lawyer lashes out at media

Donald Trump still refuses to recognize his electoral defeat. At a press conference on Thursday, his lawyer spoke about the legal actions brought by the president to contest the election results in several American states. In front of the press, Rudy Giuliani fiercely defended his client, not hesitating to tackle the journalists present.

Without presenting direct evidence, the former mayor of New York denounced a national conspiracy that organized electoral fraud in the country. “What I am describing to you is massive fraud”, did he declare. The attorney cited incidents in the states of Pennsylvania and Michigan, as well as 100,000 missing ballots in Wisconsin. “If you count the legal votes, Trump won Wisconsin”, he hammered.

Sweaty Rudy Giuliani also denounced the hysterical way the media covered the Trump administration. “You are lying. Let me answer the question”, he notably cut a journalist in a mocking tone.

Another surrealist moment. The lawyer asks a reporter from the hearing what media she works for, to which she replies “CNN”. He then bursts out laughing before answering: “This is about getting around the outrageous iron curtain of censorship and bringing to the attention of the American people facts that you would have reported in the past two weeks, if you were fair and honest.”. “Our role here is to do your job because you are not doing it”, concluded Giuliani.

The lawyer has also been mocked a lot on social media because of the dye from his hair dripping down his face. Sweating profusely, Rudy Giuliani kept wiping his face during the conference.

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