Out for the “zombie pipeline”: Biden wants to stop Keystone XL

Off for the “zombie pipeline”
Biden will Keystone XL stoppen

The Keystone XL Pipeline will transport crude oil from the Canadian province of Alberta to the US state of Texas. Environmental groups are storming the project. Obama has banned further construction, Trump allowed it again. With Biden’s presidency, the company is about to end.

According to a media report, the newly elected US President Joe Biden Keystone XL plans to stop the construction of the controversial American-Canadian pipeline Keystone XL shortly after taking office. By decree, the approval for the nine billion dollar project should be withdrawn on the day he took office on Wednesday, reports the Canadian broadcaster CBC News, citing insiders.

Accordingly, the pipeline is on a list of projects that the Democrat wants to implement immediately. Biden’s transition team did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the report.

The Keystone pipeline is operated by TC Energy. The 1,900-kilometer pipeline will connect the oil fields in Alberta, Canada with Steele City in the US state of Nebraska. From there, the tar-like Canadian oil is to be processed and forwarded to the US East and Gulf Coast via existing pipelines. The pipeline also runs over groundwater reservoirs.

Former US President Barack Obama had stopped the project in 2015 and justified this with the expected consequences for the environment. Shortly after taking office in 2017, his successor, the outgoing President Donald Trump, again issued a permit for the construction. This earned the project the nickname “Zombie Pipeline”. Several environmental groups sued Trump’s approval.


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