[Out of the box]PS4 / PS5 “Demon Slayer: Blade of Fire, God of Blood and Wind” Limited Edition Q Edition Tanjiro Team + Hong Kong Limited Coaster

“Demon Slayer Blade Fire God Blood Wind Tan” was launched on October 13th.There are three types: regular, deluxe and limited editions, and the physical limited edition comes with the Q version of Tanjirou’s teamMulti-function bracket, Also comes with a Hong Kong limited bonusAcrylicCoasters. Without further ado, let Unwire unpack it for everyone.

“Demon Slayer: Blade of Fire, God of Blood and Wind” Limited Edition Outer Box

This time, there are more characters on the cover of the outer box. Of course, in the middle of the front row are the main characters such as Tanjiro and Mi Douzi.On the left, there are Tanjiro Master Lintaki Sakonji, 锖兔, real rice, and water.On the right are “Big Brother” Yanzhu Purgatory Kyōshourou and Chongzhu Hu Die Ren. Finally, behind the middle, there is a close-up of the eyes of the big Boss Ghost Mai Tsuji Mimei.

“Demon Slayer: Blade of Fire, God of Blood and Wind” has a limited edition cover in the cover

This time, the outer box has a layer of envelope. After pulling the envelope up, you will see a cover similar to the envelope, but the game logo is missing.However, there is another cover at the back of the outer box, including the main characters such as Tanjirou and water.Column Tomioka Yiyong. Unlike the front cover of Tanjiro who is using the God of Fire Kagura, the Tanjiro at the back is using the breath of water, and the douzi is daily cute, and the splash of water breath makes the rear cover look better than the front one. .

▲ Front of the cover

▲ Rear cover

▲ Side of outer box

After opening the outer box, you will first see the DLC Code of the game, and then you will see the box of the model and the game disc. The packaging this time is very careful, providing a layer of hard cardboard to fill the gaps in the disc box to prevent the disc box from shaking. Since the DLC Code was placed above the model box early in the morning, there is only a game disc when the disc box is opened. And inside the model box is of course the original model multi-function bracket of the protagonist “Demon Slayer: Blade of Fire and Blood and Wind”, which is wrapped in blister.

“Demon Slayer: Blade of Fire, God of Blood and Wind”Tanjiro TeamModel

Propose a model, this time the model does not need to be assembled.You can see the Q version at first glance through the blisterTanjirou, and you can see after opening the blisterZenizu and Inosuke, the three are running happily. Coupled with the green platform and the wisteria flower multi-function bracket behind it, the whole is very beautiful.

▲ Wrapped with protective tapeZenizu and Inosuke prevent the model from being scratched.

Sumijiro,Zenizu, Inosuke, and the platform are all colored and very delicate. As for the wisteria flower bracket at the rear, it is presented in a pink-purple molding color.

▲ Three clothes texture andInosuke’s belly is very clear.

The wisteria flower holder has a reserved place to place objects, and the game disc box is also good for stability.

Hong Kong Limited Edition Coaster

Purchase the limited edition of “Demon Slayer: Blade of Fire: God of Blood and Wind” in Hong Kong, and it will also come with a special Hong Kong limited edition “Acrylic Water Pine Coaster”.There are four types of coasters, including water breathTanjiro, Blood Ghost Skill, Beans, Thunder BreathZenyi and the breath of the beast Inosuke. And the coaster content is randomly selected,The quantity is limited, while stocks last. Although the front of the coaster is very delicate, the cut of the bottom pine wood is not perfect, and some white edges can be seen on the edge of the bottom, which is the part of the adhesive tape.

Summary: If you want to enjoy DLC, you can go straight to the limited edition

“Demon Slayer: Blade of Fire” has a regular version and a deluxe version. The deluxe version has DLC such as costumes and themes. The limited version also has DLC content. After deducting the game and DLC content, the limited version model And the coaster is worth about 400 yuan, if players want to enjoy the DLC content, they may wish to go straight to the limited edition. Although there is only one content in the limited edition bonus, the model is exquisite in workmanship, and the bracket can also place different objects. The Hong Kong version comes with an additional acrylic coaster, which is considered sincere, but the coaster will only be available while stocks last, but it is a pity that there are four draws and one. If all four are given, it is really worth buying. As for the game evaluation, I will send it to readers in another article later.

“Demon Slayer Blade Fire God Blood Wind Tan” Limited Edition

Price: HK$988

(Regular version pricing: HK$498/Deluxe version pricing: HK$608)

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