Out of the womb of suffering, hope is born.. An Egyptian amazes the world and finds the gene that controls the first killer of humans

A global achievement achieved by the Egyptian doctor Anis Hanna, 28, with the participation of a scientific team at Albert Einstein College in New York, where he found the genes that control the healing of heart attack, the number one killer of humans in the world.

The achievement that the young Egyptian scientist, born in Assiut Governorate, contributed to, was celebrated by major specialized scientific journals in the United States, as well as received praise from the American Heart Organization, the largest organization in this specialty globally, and led him to obtain huge financial funding to complete his research until completing the desired treatment .

Regarding this scientific achievement, Hanna told Sky News Arabia: “I have always heard a frightening expression that accompanies many deaths in our village in Assiut, which is stroke or heart attack. Hours away from the nearest hospital equipped with advanced equipment for immediate intervention, patients often arrive at the hospital too late.”

first killer

According to the World Health Organization, heart disease remains the number one killer in the world, and it caused the deaths of 18 million people in 2019, accounting for 32 percent of all causes of death, and 85 percent of deaths due to heart disease were the result of strokes.

The Egyptian researcher, who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Alexandria in 2017, added that the biggest danger is that scientific studies predict that heart disease will be the “next epidemic.” Although heart disease is more common in developed countries due to lifestyle, the largest percentage of deaths are due to heart disease. (About two-thirds) occur in developing countries, because many stroke patients are difficult to save because of the poor capabilities in these countries.

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Hanna explained, “It is scientifically proven that a heart attack occurs when one of the arteries feeding the heart closes, resulting in permanent damage to part of the heart muscle within 20 to 30 minutes. Heart cells are very sensitive to a lack of oxygen, and during the clot the body reacts with severe infections in the heart in An attempt to repair the damage as a result of this reaction, then the body gets rid of the damaged part of the heart and replaces it with fibrous tissue called cardiac fibrosis within days of the stroke.”

He pointed out that “this fibrous tissue, according to scientific studies, maintains structural cohesion and prevents the weakening of the heart wall or its explosion, but it is just a graft for the damaged part and does not play the role of the heart muscle, and unfortunately in many patients a violent reaction occurs from the body, which increases inflammation and fibrous tissue and causes complications. dangerous even in the healthy part of the heart, and eventually leads to general weakness and heart failure.”


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