Outbreak aboard one of the first cruise ships to return to sea

At least seven passengers on a cruise ship have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past few days.

They had taken their seats aboard the Sea Dream 1, which is one of the first ships to travel again to the Caribbean.

According to what Gene Sloan and Ben Hewitt told CNN, all passengers who test negative at least twice will be able to leave the ship and fly home starting this Saturday.

The SeaDream Yacht Club company confirmed in a press release that several “guests” had contracted the new coronavirus, but without giving a precise figure.

Gene Sloan, who is a travel journalist, said the COVID-19 alert came shortly before Wednesday’s dinner when the captain announced at least one passenger had tested positive.

All passengers were ordered to return to their cabins and remain isolated.

The vessel, which was in The Grenadines at the time, returned to its home port in Barbados.

There, all 53 passengers and 66 crew members were tested.

“This is not good news for the cruise industry,” Sloan told CNN by email.

“I think we hoped, with very strict health protocols, that COVID-19 would avoid SeaDream.”

The SeaDream Yacht Club company has in fact set up a policy of regular tests to create kinds of “bubbles” on board its ships.

Thus, passengers had to be tested before their trip and then again, just before boarding.

“And the company tested the passengers several times during the trip. We were to be tested again today. It is one of the most rigorous plans put in place by cruise ship companies. ”


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