Outdoors: a quiet return to the mountains

With the passage to phase 2 of the de-escalation, the non-federated Navarrese of the municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants were able to enjoy the forest yesterday. A day that served to reconnect with nature

ANDhe first day in which Navarra entered phase 2 was received with open arms by mountain lovers, especially for those residents of the most populated municipalities, who since yesterday were able to leave them to practice sport and enjoy a walk or a long walk after almost two and a half months without being able to.

From early in the morning, the athletes began to occupy the paths of the Navarra geography, taking advantage of the reduction of the restrictions on the occasion of passing to phase 2.

Araitz Vizcay, 38, and his father, José Mari Vizcay, 69, did not hesitate yesterday to take a walk to Mount Saioa, a route that José Mari used to do on a regular basis whenever he could. After two months without being able to go out together, the two relatives ventured to go to the mountains “after so many days being able to just walk around the city,” says Araiz. A day in which they expected the influx of mountaineers to be greater, “just a couple of people we have crossed,” confesses José Mari, who says that the next few days his intention is to return in the next few days: “We usually get together three or four retired and we usually go to the Eugi to go to the mountains, so I won’t be back long. “

A feeling of freedom For Tomás Zornoza, 65, returning to the mountains after three months was “a great feeling of freedom.” Tomás, a retired veterinarian from Pamplona, ​​the mountain is one of his favorite pastimes “not only for sports,” he confesses, “also for walking, walking and spending the day.” “Being able to walk, breathe and the silence of the mountains make it unique, despite the fact that these days there has been silence in the city, here it is different”, confesses Tomás, who assures that, seeing the good weather he was going to do on the day yesterday, he decided to occupy part of the morning to resume contact with the mountain air.

For Sergio Ortigosa, yesterday in the bush was “an extraordinary day”. This retiree from Elizondo, at 70 years old, is passionate about the mountains, so much so that, despite having a hip prosthesis for eleven years, he escaped every week, at least one day, with his group of friends, car called La Cordada Ácrata, to go to the mountains. But yesterday, Sergio went to Mount Saioa after three months without being able to enjoy nature as he likes, “a short walk from Venta de Ultzama to prepare the next few days for friends to join us and take a longer route” .

“Every day I cycled at home, with the static, and when he began to allow himself to do sports outdoors he also did a little for the people. Today it was time to return to the mountain. In addition, an extraordinary day has come out to enjoy”, Sergio relates.

For Iñaki, a 62-year-old from Pamplona recently retired, yesterday was not only a special day for returning to the bush, it was for the first day since retirement on April 28. He began the quarantine by teleworking, like many citizens, until his retirement day came, which until now he had been practically unable to enjoy because of the quarantine. “I was half caught a bit. Retirement and having to stay at home was not what I wanted, luckily I have already been able to go to the mountains and in the next few days I will continue with routes through Navarra, both by bike and on foot,” he says.

Despite the fact that Iñaki is a mountain federation, so for two weeks he could leave Pamplona to practice sports, he decided not to do it until yesterday, since, he says, “he wanted to avoid any problem. “I did go out cycling in the Soto de Lezkairu, but there was so much confusion with what the federation could or could not do during these two weeks that I decided to stay in Pamplona,” confesses Iñaki.

Jon, a 32-year-old firefighter from Pamplona, ​​also federated, lived a different situation yesterday, who had already been able to go out and enjoy the forest in the last two weeks, but since yesterday he had to share his sports day with more mountaineers. “Last week I was already going to run a bit in the bush, but now that there is more flexibility with time slots, it can be done with more ease,” emphasizes Jon, who maintains that, as long as work allows, he will continue to go running. through the bush to train.


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