Outings – Leisure | TV: annoyed by two columnists, the Marseillais René Malleville slams the door of “Touche pas à mon poste”

Tomorrow (Thursday) is my last day“. In a tweet published this Wednesday evening, René Malleville indicated that he was leaving the show hosted by Cyril Hanouna on C8” Touche pas à mon poste “. The most famous of the Olympians supporters wrote a message to the host for justify its decision It implicates two columnists of the show.

“Tired of this asshole Castaldi (Benjamin Castaldi) and Jean-Michel (Mayor), he introduced before continuing. If you (Cyril Hanouna) weren’t there, they wouldn’t be anyone. At first, come on, it was a hazing, but this is not going any more. I’m 73 years old, I’ve had a hectic life, I’m respected by everyone, I don’t come on your show to be taken for a jerk. In Marseille, they idolize me but start to wonder what I’m doing there. I have a family, my wife, my three kids, my five grandchildren who have fucking hate, I’m not telling you. So there you go, I’d rather quit before doing something stupid. They don’t know me. I prefer to leave it there. Kisses my friend“.

This Wednesday evening, the faithful of the Marseille club had lively exchanges with Jean-Michel Maire (former journalist at Le Figaro) about the interview of Professor Didier Raoult by Jean-Marc Morandini on Cnews.

Earlier in the evening, Cyril Hanouna tweeted a glowing message: “René Malleville you were exceptional again tonight. You know how much I love you. I hope the others will work as hard as you! And whatever you say you are funny! You are a genius! Best recruit ever”.

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