Outings with children in confinement: the conditions

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Since April 6, a digital override travel certificate can be generated via your smartphone. In what cases can you go out to get some fresh air with your children? Do you need several certificates or just one is enough? How to do your shopping when you are a solo parent? Here are the rules to know before pointing your nose out.

[Mise à jour du 9 avril à 10h00]. The duration of confinement, scheduled until April 15 will be extended confirmed the Elysee on Wednesday. Emmanuel Macron will address the French this Monday, April 13 to specify the calendar and the duration of the confinement. Since April 6, a digital overriding displacement certificate allows you to generate your certificate via your smartphone. While the Easter holidays began on April 4 for zone C, the Minister of the Interior warned the French: the school vacation period should not give rise to travel other than the various exceptional cases. Recently, the government has also restricted exits, especially for open markets, while some cities have opted for a curfew. From April 8, in Paris and in most cities of Ile-de-France, it is no longer possible to do jogging between 10h and 19h. But what about outings with children ? Here are the rules to know before leaving your home.

The derogatory travel certificate specifies the family outings during containment. Thus, it is allowed to go out for Brief trips, within the limit of one hour daily and within a maximum radius of one kilometer around the home, linked either to the individual physical activity of people, to the exclusion of any collective sporting practice and any proximity to other people, or to the walk with the only people gathered in the same home, either the needs of pets. “ Recall that the Ministry of the Interior specifies that “the outings essential for children’s balance ” must be performed “respecting the barrier gestures and avoiding any gathering“. Group physical activities or picnics with friends are obviously prohibited. It is also recommended to go out alone with the children (one adult at a time). Finally, if you come across other people, think carefully respect the safety distance of at least one meter. Also do not forget your certificate on each outing, dated and signed, even if you stay close to home and it only lasts a few minutes.

Note that some cities in France have implemented curfew measures (applied to the appreciation of the prefectures, the town halls and the local authorities. According to the communes, it is thus prohibited to leave the evening, from a certain hour.

If you are accompanying your children, only one sworn statement in your name is required. In this case, she must mention your name and surname as well as your children’s first names, but also the date and time of exit. The certificate can be written on free paper (in indelible pen) if you do not have a printer.

let’s remember that the certificate of derogatory displacement is compulsory for any trip outside the house, under penalty of a fine of 135 euros. From April 6, a digital certificate is available. Simply fill in your contact details and the reason for your trip via your smartphone in order to obtain a QR Code and generate your certificate with the date and time.

Doing basic shopping is allowed, provided you go alone. But a solo mom was notably refused entry to the supermarket, going shopping with her 6-year-old child in Argentan (Orne). An exception is therefore made for single-parent families, who have no other means of care for their child. In a press release dated April 8, the Defender of rights warns that refusals of access to supermarkets “have the effect either of making access to essential goods impossible, or of prejudicing the best interests of children by requiring that they be left alone at the door of the store”. He recalled that this decision “is not part of the restrictive measures relating to the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus”. Furthermore, supermarkets should also not ask parents that their children wait for them when they leave the store, “including at checkout or guarding a security guard”. The Defender of Rights recalls that the fact of “forcing a parent to leave his child alone outside a store, or alone with an adult he does not know, constitutes an infringement of the child’s right to be protected from all forms of violence. “

The derogatory travel certificate stipulates that child custody is one of the accepted reasons for going out. Parents who entrust their baby to a maternal assistant, for example, can take their child with their certificate. As to separated or divorced parents, as well as those in alternating custody (one week at daddy’s, the other at mom’s), they also have the right to go out to pick up and drop the little ones off at the other parent’s home. The government recalls that alternate custody concerns more than 400,000 children, or 2.7% of minors in France. “Travel to pick up your children in the context of alternate custody is authorized whatever the distance. It is a displacement for compelling family reasons “.

On the occasion of the world autism day this April 2, Emmanuel Macron announced that people with autism could leave their homes a little more often, with no distance limit, to allow them to find places that help them find their bearings.

Yes, minor children who go out alone must also be able to present a certificate of derogatory travel if they get checked by the authorities. It must be signed by the legal guardian or one of the two parents. If your older child wants to stretch his legs a little, you can send him for a run, or buy a baguette at the bakery.


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